Prodigal Summer: A Novel Fun Activities

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Class Visit

Invite a forest ranger or conservation officer to come visit the class. Have them explain facts about eco-systems and predation.

Character Charades

Each student gets one minute to imitate a character from the novel. The rest of the class has to guess who it is.

Short Film

Watch a short film on the Appalachian area.

He Said - She Said Game

Students take turns repeating quotes from the book and the rest guess who it is.

Drawing Project

Students make a sketch of what they envision the setting of the book looks like, including mountains, valleys, forest, and the town of Egg Fork.

Poem Composition

Write a poem, in any style, about moths.

Journal - Nature Writing

Keep a journal for one day, recording things that you see, regarding nature.

American Chestnut Project

Do a project on the American chestnut. Was there really a blight? What...

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