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Essay Topic 1

Man vs. nature is a common theme in "Prodigal Summer". Explain Deanna's theory of predation, as it relates to predators and prey. Cite examples that she lists in the book. If predators are killed or die at a faster rate than prey, what are some of the outcomes that she predicts will happen? What could the effect on humans be?

Essay Topic 2

Eddie Bondo is portrayed as a character that is easy to distrust. Citing examples from the book, discuss what you think his true character is. Has he been accurately portrayed? Would you consider him a good person or not? What are Deanna's expectations of him? Did this have an effect on how you viewed him?

Essay Topic 3

The Appalachian area is seen, by some, as being "hick" or "backward". Cite three examples from the book that would support this theory. Address regional dialect, stereotypes...

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