Prodigal Summer: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Deanna Wolfe

This character is a ranger in the Zebulon National Forest in the Appalachian mountain range and ultimately becomes pregnant with another character's child.

Lusa Maluf Landowski

This character is a lonely, grief-stricken woman who learns the value and happiness of family.

Garnett Sheldon Walker III

This character learns that differences in people can lead to lasting relationships.

Eddie Bondo

This character is an immature hunter who runs away when feeling threatened.

Herb and Mary Edna Goins

These characters are married; one is big-boned and loud-mouthed while the other is a farmer.

Deanna's Husband

This character is a professor.

Hannie-Mavis and Joel Sexton

These characters are married; she wears a lot of makeup and he is her husband.

Lois and Big Rickie Bowling

These characters are married; she is hard on children and he flirts.

Nannie Rawley

This character does as he/she pleases, loves to visit...

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