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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Amanda's apartment during the final fight?
(a) The piano is shoved across the room and into a wall.
(b) Furniture is tipped over and objects are thrown all over.
(c) The front door is broken off the hinges.
(d) Brandy is splashed all over the carpet.

2. What does Amanda fear about Sibyl?
(a) Amanda fears that Sibyl will try to steal Elyot back from her.
(b) Amanda fears Sibyl will try to hurt her.
(c) Amanda fears that Sibyl will try to marry Victor.
(d) Amanda fears Sibyl is very unhappy.

3. Elyot claims to have been in love with another woman during their separation. Where is she from?
(a) South Africa.
(b) India.
(c) London.
(d) France.

4. What is the name of the man who used to love and admire Amanda?
(a) Victor Prynne.
(b) Peter Burden.
(c) Charles Burden.
(d) A name is not given.

5. During their first period of silence, what do Amanda and Elyot do?
(a) Smoke a cigarette.
(b) Leave the apartment.
(c) Keep fighting.
(d) Call their spouses.

6. Why does Elyot tell Amanda to turn the gramophone off?
(a) He says he does not want to annoy the neighbors.
(b) He would rather play piano than listen to a record.
(c) He is trying to talk to her.
(d) He hates the song that is playing.

7. After the triple use of the code, what do Amanda and Elyot do together?
(a) Sing old songs.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Write a letter to their spouses.
(d) Call the neighbors.

8. What is Elyot wearing in Act II?
(a) A tuxedo.
(b) A dressing gown.
(c) A dinner jacket.
(d) A bathing suit.

9. What starts the final fight between Amanda and Elyot in Act II?
(a) Amanda accuses Elyot of not taking their situation seriously enough.
(b) Elyot tries to leave the apartment.
(c) Elyot brings up an admirer of Amanda's who she once let kiss her.
(d) Amanda has too much to drink.

10. According to Elyot, what will fade, along with his and Amanda's passion?
(a) Their desire to always be flippant.
(b) Their apathy towards society.
(c) Their urge to bicker.
(d) Their love for each other.

11. What did Amanda let her admirer do that made Elyot jealous?
(a) Amanda let him kiss her.
(b) Amanda danced with him.
(c) Amanda was completely innocent and it was all in Elyot's mind.
(d) Amanda made love to him.

12. During their final fight, what does Amanda say she'd rather do than marry Elyot?
(a) Be alone the rest of her life.
(b) Die in torment.
(c) Stay with Victor.
(d) Run away to another country.

13. What does Amanda and Elyot short their code to stop arguing to?
(a) Solomon.
(b) Isaacs Sol.
(c) Sol Isaacs.
(d) Sollocks.

14. What does Elyot tell the person calling Amanda's flat with the wrong number?
(a) He says that the person they are trying to reach is in India.
(b) He tells the caller they have the wrong number.
(c) He says that the person they are trying to reach is in Madagascar.
(d) He pretends to be the person the caller is trying to reach.

15. According to Amanda, what did Victor love to do?
(a) Victor loved to look after Amanda.
(b) Victor loved to go dancing.
(c) Victor loved to verbally spar with Amanda.
(d) Victor loved the opera.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Amanda wearing in Act II?

2. Who or what is Charles?

3. At the end of Act II, Victor and Sibyl walk into Amanda's apartment to find what?

4. What annoys Amanda the most about Elyot's reaction to her post-marriage affairs?

5. How did Amanda feel when she first met Victor?

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