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Lesson 1 (from Act 1)


Act 1

Act 1

In this act, Elyot refers to his love with Sibyl as "wise, and kind, and undramatic," though he later confirms to Amanda that neither of them are actually in love with their spouses. However, Amanda and Elyot, in their previous marriage, loved each other passionately one moment and hated each other just as violently the next. This lesson will discuss the true nature of love in the context of this play.


1) Class Discussion: The nature of love is a topic of discussion for both of the newlywed couples. Victor and Sibyl are reassured to hear that their spouses love them, though in a very calm manner with very little passion. On the flip side, Amanda and Elyot knew great passion together, though it would always be followed with great violence. Who in the class believes which love is the most genuine? For what...

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