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Act 1

• Elyot and Sybil are on their honeymoon in France.
• Sybil annoys Elyot with too many questions and comments about his ex-wife, Amanda.
• Elyot refers to his and Sybil's love as calm and without drama.
• Victor and Amanda are also honeymooning in France, unknowingly sharing a terrace with Elyot and Sybil.
• Victor annoys Amanda with too many questions and comments about Elyot.
• When alone, Amanda and Elyot see each other.
• Elyot and Amanda both argue with their spouses when they try to convince them that they need to leave immediately.
• Left alone by their angry spouses, Elyot and Amanda bond again.
• Elyot and Amanda run away together to her flat in Paris, leaving Victor and Sybil.

Act 2

• Elyot and Amanda are hiding away at her flat in Paris together.
• Though they are passionately happy, Elyot and Amanda find themselves occasionally bickering.
• Elyot calls "Sollocks" when Amanda talks about...

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