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Michael Morpurgo
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Nearly Four O'clock.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Thomas manage to get accepted?
(a) Thomas just sqeaks in over the age limit.
(b) The Sergeant Major turns a blind eye to Thomas' age.
(c) The Colonel intervenes on Thomas' behalf.
(d) They lie about his age.

2. What does Big Joe after Bertha's burial?
(a) Goes back and sits by Bertha's grave.
(b) Wanders off.
(c) Goes to the Colonel's house.
(d) Goes and lies under his bed.

3. On what day does Charlie say he was born?
(a) June 2.
(b) October 5.
(c) January 1.
(d) November 22.

4. What does Charlie refuse to do?
(a) Jump through Hanley's hoops.
(b) Stay off the front lines.
(c) Split from Thomas.
(d) Salute Hanley.

5. What does Hanley tell his men?
(a) They are all cowards.
(b) They have disgraced their unit.
(c) They now have practice with dealing with gas.
(d) They performed admirably.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once Thomas is back from leave, how far does the wave of advancing Germans get when the shelling stops?

2. Where does Big Joe keep his new pet?

3. What does the new company commander know about fighting a war?

4. What is Thomas told back at the hospital?

5. What does Thomas usually forgo while at school?

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