Objects & Places from Private Peaceful

Michael Morpurgo
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The village home of Thomas and Charlie Peaceful and their family.

Great War

The common name for World War I.


Allied soldiers often call the German soldiers this name.


The German soldiers often call the British soldiers this.


The Germans shell this place almost out of existence.


The name Thomas and his company call the town that they train and camp in while not on duty in the trenches.

The Duke

The tavern in Iddesleigh where all of the local villagers drink in the evenings.

Ford's Cleave Woods

The area where Thomas's father use to cut wood for the Colonel.

St. James

The church at Iddesleigh.

Salisbury Plain

The location Thomas and Charlie first begin their training for the war.


The place where Sergeant Hanley drives the company to the point of exhaustion, especially the Peaceful boys.

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