Private Peaceful Character Descriptions

Michael Morpurgo
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Thomas Peaceful

This character is a young teen from Iddesleigh village in Devon, England who is the youngest of three siblings.

Charlie Peaceful

This charactger always inspires Thomas to be brave and always stands up for him.

Big Joe

This character had meningitis as a baby and never really got over it.


This character teaches another character to tie his boots and is proud when she sees that character practicing.


This character likes to tell mean jokes.

Grandma Wolf

This character is old and mean and comes to care for the three brothers.

The Colonel

This character is a wealthy land owner in the village that the Peacefuls call home.

Captain Wilkes

This character is the first commanding officer and is a kind man.


This character is a favorite of another character who works for the Colonel in the kennels.


The only girl other...

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