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Short Answer Questions

1. What members of the public eye, according to Lessing, often repeat words and phrases to breed familiarity?

2. Lessing considered the time period of World War II to be ___________.

3. What did Lessing propose that our government should do?

4. Concerning conformity, Lessing believed that __________had the most influence on an individual.

5. Experiments in mental hospitals have shown sane people mistaken for _______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the value of brainwashing to a government?

2. What relationship does communism have with the individual?

3. What types of organizations have studied or used brainwashing?

4. When confronted with a group opinion, why is it often difficult to maintain an opposing, individual opinion?

5. Are all aspects of brainwashing intentional?

6. Why was Lessing opposed to mass emotion?

7. Who is Jean Rhys? Why did all of her work become popular?

8. Why would a government or sect of any sort want to control its subjects through brainwashing?

9. Lessing stated that people in democratic societies are often fooling themselves on their level of freedom. Why?

10. When it comes to commentators and critics, what breeds an air of familiarity with viewers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The mob mentality is an idea Lessing attributes to many of the shortcomings of the human race.

1) What is the mob mentality?

2) How does it work when a problem is at hand?

3) At what point does this mentality serve as a detriment to society?

Essay Topic 2

Akhnaton was an Egyptian ruler who changed the concept of Egyptian religion in spite of popular opinion.

1) What factors allowed Akhaton to be a free thinker?

2) What was the response from the masses?

3) What effect did his decision have on the future?

Essay Topic 3

Lessing believed that the word "blood" is a powerful one when it comes to inciting emotion.

1) Why did she find the word "blood" significant?

2) What are some examples she gives to support this theory?

3) What are the implications regarding human nature and violence?

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