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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the farmer do to punish the bull for its kill?

2. What minority did Lessing believe needed to be strengthened in order to help the future?

3. Growing up, Lessing was briefly a member of what party?

4. The Arthasastra mentions that it is only ________ in a line of books.

5. What was remarkable about the bull this farmer owned?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Lessing believe the tendency to buy into vilification was a form of popular lunacy?

2. What ideas do the quotes prior to "When in the Future They Look Back on Us" demonstrate?

3. What is Lessing's prediction concerning what every viewpoint will become with time?

4. Why did Lessing believe sub-groups with opposing positions were dangerous?

5. Why was Lessing not surprised by the story of the attack on the British miner who was beaten by his friends?

6. Why does Lessing consider the age of Arthastra to be significant?

7. In terms of collective beliefs during her life time, what idiocy struck Lessing?

8. How did the ruling class in Rhodesia get others to go along with their beliefs?

9. Lessing believed that if humans could learn from our history, we could change our future in what respect?

10. What did Lessing mean when she said that groups will often "vilify their opposition"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lessing believed that, throughout history, a group mentality has prevented people from standing up to thoughts and ideas that caused harm to others. Citing examples from the text, discuss the various moments throughout history where group mentality was dominant over reason. Include the following:

1) Hitler's regime.

2) The witch trials.

3) Religious sects.

Essay Topic 2

Brainwashing is an unpleasant idea for those who believe they are susceptible.

1) According to Lessing, who feels susceptible to brainwashing?

2) What is the process of brainwashing?

3) Who is susceptible to brainwashing?

Essay Topic 3

The desire for war was something Lessing believed was innate in man.

1) How might different points of view influence a man's desire to fight?

2) Why did Lessing suggest that the word "blood" taps into an instinct to fight?

3) According to Lessing, what is the result of war on society?

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