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Essay Topic 1

Lessing believed that the human race would be stronger and better if it could only learn from its past. Why do humans choose to ignore history, with the effect of repeating lessons that should have already been learned?

1) In what ways do humans have the ability to learn from history?

2) What are some examples in history that humans should learn from?

3) Why do humans often end up repeating mistakes already made in the past?

Essay Topic 2

The desire for war was something Lessing believed was innate in man.

1) How might different points of view influence a man's desire to fight?

2) Why did Lessing suggest that the word "blood" taps into an instinct to fight?

3) According to Lessing, what is the result of war on society?

Essay Topic 3

Lessing felt that humans suffered from an "awful primitivism." What were some of the examples she gave to support...

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