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When in the Future They Look Back on Us

• Lessing told a story about a farmer killing a bull because it killed its keeper.

• The violent response, according to Lessing, came from an animal instinct instead of common sense.

• Another point was made regarding a tree cut down in France due to its association with a traitor.

• Lessing discussed the primitive nature of humans, as demonstrated by this event.

• Lessing said the human race is in a bad place, yet there is hope to change and grow if we learn from the past.

• The Arthásàstra, by Kautilya, gives Lessing hope as it was written long ago and is only the first in a line of books about sensible governing.

• In the future, Lessing thinks people will be startled by our knowledge yet lack of ability to put it to good use.

• Lessing felt negative trends such...

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