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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Harry called by the man who ties up Lupin and Sirius in the Shack?
(a) A poor excuse for a legend.
(b) An arrogant boy.
(c) A dirty mud blood.
(d) A disgrace to his father's name.

2. Who does Harry play against in the second quidditch game of the season?
(a) Slytherin.
(b) Gryffindor.
(c) Ravenclaw.
(d) Hufflepuff.

3. What does Hermione do in Trelawney's class after her confrontation with Malfoy?
(a) Calls Trelwaney a quack and walks out.
(b) Fails a test and cries.
(c) Asks Trelawney for some private lessons.
(d) Throws a crystal ball on the floor out of anger.

4. Who is Ron holding while Lupin tells his story the night of Buckbeak's execution?
(a) Crookshanks.
(b) Scabbers.
(c) Sirius.
(d) Hermione.

5. Where does the tunnel under the Whomping Willow lead?
(a) Hogsmead Village.
(b) Hagrid's Shack.
(c) The Forbidden Forest.
(d) The Shrieking Shack.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the unwelcome visitor enter Harry's room when his bed curtains were slashed?

2. What is it called when the dementors suck the life out of their victims?

3. Who do Harry, Hermione, and Ron run into after their final exams?

4. Who is trying to get Harry expelled when he comes to after passing out at the lake with all the dementors?

5. What did James and Sirius do to help Lupin during his transformations while they were at Hogwarts together?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lupin try to teach Harry in their private lessons after the Christmas break?

2. What happened to Lupin as a young child that changed the rest of his life?

3. What does Harry hear before passing out when the dementors are near him?

4. Who does Dumbledore want Hermione and Harry to save by using the time turner?

5. Why did Peter Pettigrew cut off his own finger?

6. Why are the students at Hogwarts not able to enjoy the first warm weather after winter?

7. Who walks into the room just as Lupin and Black finish telling Harry their story at the Shrieking Shack?

8. How does Harry scare Malfoy in Hogsmeade village when he is teasing Ron?

9. What is an animagus?

10. How does the group get the unconscious Snape back to Hogwarts once they have made their decision about what to do with Pettigrew?

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