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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry receive over the summer holiday that brings him great joy?
(a) A picture of his girlfriend.
(b) Birthday cards and presents.
(c) Letters from Hogwarts.
(d) News that he will be able to move.

2. Who is trying to have Buckbeak executed after Hagrid's lesson on Hippogriffs?
(a) Cornelius Fudge.
(b) Draco Malfoy.
(c) Dumbledore.
(d) Lucious Malfoy.

3. How old does a student have to be before being allowed to visit Hogsmeade Village?
(a) All students are allowed, provided their grades are good.
(b) 4th Year Student.
(c) 3rd Year Student.
(d) 2nd Year Student.

4. What do Ron and Hermione order at the Three Broomsticks pub on their second trip to Hogsmeade?
(a) Sarsaparilla.
(b) Brandy Water.
(c) Sparkling Cider.
(d) Butterbeers.

5. What does Vernon's sister say Harry should feel towards his uncle?
(a) Envy.
(b) Gratitude.
(c) Respect.
(d) Anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes Harry's mysterious Christmas gift away from him?

2. Who was Harry's father's best friend when they were young?

3. What is Harry's worst fear?

4. Why does Lupin say he needs a potion on Halloween when he is talking to Harry?

5. What is so perplexing to Harry about Mr. Weasley's warning to him before he boards Hogwarts Express?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who rides in the train compartment with Ron, Harry, and Hermione?

2. What does Hagrid teach about in his first class in Magical Creatures?

3. Who is the Ravenclaw's new seeker during Harry's third year at Hogwarts?

4. What bit of news does Harry hear during his first Potions lesson of the year?

5. What surprise gift does Harry find on Christmas morning?

6. Where does Harry wake up after passing out by the lake with all the dementors?

7. Who approves Hermione to take so many extra classes in her third year at Hogwarts?

8. What does Malfoy tease Harry about during his first breakfast at Hogwarts?

9. What does Mr. Weasley tell Harry just before he boards the Hogwarts Express?

10. How does Harry scare Malfoy in Hogsmeade village when he is teasing Ron?

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