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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hermione name her new magical creature?
(a) Crowslip.
(b) Creechers.
(c) Cronkers.
(d) Crookshanks.

2. Who is trying to have Buckbeak executed after Hagrid's lesson on Hippogriffs?
(a) Cornelius Fudge.
(b) Dumbledore.
(c) Lucious Malfoy.
(d) Draco Malfoy.

3. What is the one complaint that Malfoy has against Lupin at the beginning of the school year?
(a) His robes are shabby.
(b) His class moves too fast.
(c) He is not teaching useful knowledge.
(d) He assigns too much homework.

4. How old does a student have to be before being allowed to visit Hogsmeade Village?
(a) 2nd Year Student.
(b) 3rd Year Student.
(c) 4th Year Student.
(d) All students are allowed, provided their grades are good.

5. What is the spell that the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher teaches that causes embarrassment?
(a) Embarrassio.
(b) Sillify.
(c) Ridikkulus.
(d) Mockento.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Vernon's sister think Harry's parents died?

2. What is the candy shop in Hogsmeade called?

3. Why is Lupin not teaching his own class the day after Halloween?

4. What does Harry find out during the first class of his second day at school?

5. What does Hermione purchase in Diagon Alley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is everyone's favorite teacher during Harry's third year at Hogwarts.

2. What does Hermione purchase in Diagon Alley that Ron wishes she would return?

3. What does Lupin teach about in his first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson?

4. What causes Ron and Hermione to fight so much during their third year at Hogwarts.

5. Why does McGonegall take Harry's surprise gift away on Christmas afternoon?

6. What does Mr. Weasley tell Harry just before he boards the Hogwarts Express?

7. Where did Ron get his pet rat?

8. Who approves Hermione to take so many extra classes in her third year at Hogwarts?

9. Who greets Harry at the Leaky Cauldron when he first arrives there after leaving the Dursleys' house?

10. What bit of news does Harry hear during his first Potions lesson of the year?

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