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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Snape think that Sirius Black could possibly enter Hogwarts?
(a) With inside help.
(b) By changing into a dog.
(c) Through secret passages that only Black knows about.
(d) By paying off the dementors.

2. Where did Ron ger his magical creature?
(a) It was handed down to him by his brothers.
(b) He bought it at Diagon Alley.
(c) It was given to him by Hagrid.
(d) He found it at Hogwarts.

3. Who is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher?
(a) Dumbledore.
(b) Snape.
(c) Moody.
(d) Lupin.

4. Who is in the train compartment with Ron, Harry, and Hermione when they board the Hogwarts Express?
(a) A strange man in shabby robes.
(b) Neville Longbottom.
(c) Hagrid.
(d) Draco Malfoy.

5. What does Harry's early Christmas gift from the Weasley twins allow Harry to do?
(a) Study new ways to avoid the bludgers on the Quidditch field.
(b) Get a tummy ache from eating too many sweets.
(c) Practice his moves during the holiday break.
(d) Take a secret passageway into Hogsmeade.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Harry do his homework during the summer holiday?

2. How does Vernon's sister think Harry's parents died?

3. Who does Harry live with when he is not at Hogwarts?

4. Why is Harry not as excited about Halloween as the rest of his classmates?

5. What is Ron's rat named?

Short Essay Questions

1. Just after leaving the Dursleys' house, what does Harry see in some bushes?

2. What does Vernon's sister compare Harry's blood-line to during dinner at Vernon's house?

3. What does Harry do before storming out of Vernon's house?

4. What does the term "muggle" mean?

5. What happened to Lupin as a young child that changed the rest of his life?

6. Who told James Potter to change his secret keeper?

7. Who jumps at Sirius Black's chest to protect him from Harry in the Shrieking Shack?

8. What does Harry hear before passing out when the dementors are near him?

9. What does Mr. Weasley tell Harry just before he boards the Hogwarts Express?

10. Why are the students at Hogwarts not able to enjoy the first warm weather after winter?

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