Prisoner B-3087 Short Essay - Answer Key

Alan Gratz
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1. How is foreshadowing used within the opening passage of the novel?

Gratz uses foreshadowing in the first passage of the novel Prisoner B-3087 in order to suggest how easily small comforts can be taken for granted before the onset of traumatic struggle. Yanek tells the reader that if he "had known what the next six years of" (2) his life would entail, he would never have complained about matters such as an early bedtime or a request that he brush his teeth.

2. In what year, month, and physical setting does the novel Prisoner B-3087 open?

The novel opens in the fall of 1939. The month is September and the setting is Yanek's family's apartment, which is located on Krakusa Street in the Podgorze neighborhood within the Polish city of Krakow.

3. What possible career path does Yanek imagine for himself within the opening chapters of the novel?

During a scene in which Yanek entertains his family with the use of a projector he has created himself, Yanek shares with the reader his love of movies. He says that John Wayne films are his favorites before mentioning that sometimes he thinks about immigrating to America with the express goal of working in the movie business.

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