Objects & Places from Prisoner B-3087

Alan Gratz
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These objects symbolize the alienation and persecution of the Other. When the Nazis invade Krakow, they erect these objects as a means of isolating their intended victims in the primarily Jewish neighborhood of Podgorze in which Yanek and his family live.


This object symbolizes ingenuity in the face of great struggle. When Yanek returns to the pigeon coop where the members of his family had hidden for a time during the Nazis' occupation of Krakow, he finds this object still undisturbed inside the coop. At this point, Yanek recalls that his mother had secreted money away inside of this object and he swiftly retrieves it to help with his fight to survive.

Cattle Car

This object represents dehumanization. This object and others like it are associated with the transport of Jews and other oppressed groups as they are sent by Nazis to labor camps, concentration camps...

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