Daily Lessons for Teaching Prisoner B-3087

Alan Gratz
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-6)


Students will meticulously analyze the many different elements of the cover art included within the narrative of Prisoner B-3087 in order to deepen their understanding of the connection between the work's themes and the cover art that is chosen by Gratz to underscore these themes.

Visual literacy is a very important skill to foster in today's world and the vivid artwork featured on the cover of Prisoner B-3087 provides an excellent opportunity to teach students skills in visual literacy. One edition of the novel depicts an incredibly tall jail cell in which the only window is located so high up on the brick wall that it is nearly out of the prisoner’s sight. The prisoner depicted is a young boy with an expression of longing and despair on his face, conjuring notions of themes such as innocence, injustice, and persecution. Students will look critically at...

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