Prisoner B-3087 Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Alan Gratz
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Gratz’s use of Aristotle's appeals within the text of Prisoner B-3087. How does Gratz use each of the three appeals to persuade the reader of messages central to the tenets of the work?

Essay Topic 2

Choose an object from Prisoner B-3087, such as the Star of David armband, the rooftop door, or some other symbolic object and discuss its overall meaning and its connection to themes within the text.

Essay Topic 3

How does Gratz’s use of a first person narrator serve the purposes of the text? Discuss how Gratz’s choice of point of view helps to advance the treatment of at least three particular themes within the text.

Essay Topic 4

How are sensory details used to strengthen the messages within Gratz’s novel Prisoner B-3087? Discuss at least two passages that include the use of sensory details and pull quotes from these...

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