Prisoner B-3087 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alan Gratz
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Chapters 1-6

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Gratz, Alan. Prisoner B-3087. Ember Books, 2010. Print.

• Chapter 1 begins with a statement by the narrator that if he had known the events that lay before him over the course of the next six years, he would have behaved differently.

• He says that if he had known what the next six years of his life were going to entail, he "would have eaten more" (1).

• He adds that he also would have refrained from complaining about having to go to bed at eight o'clock and about little annoyances like having to brush his teeth.

• The protagonist's legal first name is Jakob, but he remarks that everyone calls him by his Polish name, Yanek.

• When the novel opens, Yanek is ten years old and he lives on Krakusa Street in Krakow, Poland.

• Yanek lives in an...

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