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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With the news of her impending marriage, what happened to Sara?
(a) Sara's dreams changed.
(b) Sara began to dream.
(c) Sara's dreams were renewed.
(d) Sara's dreams died.

2. Father also had to make a large donation to ______________.
(a) The mosque.
(b) The religious men.
(c) The government.
(d) The country.

3. How was this man as king?
(a) He was unusual.
(b) He was lazy.
(c) He was bad.
(d) He was good.

4. What did Sultana and her sisters do for their mother?
(a) They left her alone.
(b) They remained by their mother's side until the end came.
(c) They took care of the baby.
(d) They prayed for her.

5. In order to distract their father, Sultana took ___________ Ali hid in his room and took it to the mosque.
(a) Books.
(b) A Bible.
(c) Western clothing.
(d) A stash of pornography.

6. What did they do in these cities?
(a) Bought condos.
(b) Bought furniture.
(c) Visited mosques.
(d) Bought clothes.

7. How was the marriage beneficial to Father?
(a) The groom loved Sara and would care for her.
(b) The groom was a member of a leading merchant family.
(c) The groom was a good friend of the family.
(d) The groom was very kind.

8. What did Sultana do to her father's new wife?
(a) She befriended her.
(b) She ignored her.
(c) She abused her.
(d) She teased her.

9. Sara learns at the age of _________ that she is to be married.
(a) Fifteen.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Thirteen.

10. What was a result of Ali being allowed to choose her meals?
(a) She often had very rich food.
(b) She often had good meals.
(c) She often was not fed anything.
(d) She often went to bed hungry

11. For what would Sultana always be grateful?
(a) Her wealthy family.
(b) Her good breeding.
(c) Her intelligence.
(d) Receiving an education.

12. Sultana began spending long hours where?
(a) In her bedroom with her maid, Marci.
(b) In the garden.
(c) In the city.
(d) In her father's study.

13. Did Sultana choose to begin wearing a veil and abaaya when she was in Cairo?
(a) At first.
(b) Part of the time.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

14. Sultana recalled overhearing a meeting between whom?
(a) Her father and his brothers.
(b) Her father and brother.
(c) Her mother and her father's other wives.
(d) Her father and mother.

15. King Faisal's wife was a woman who believed what?
(a) Women should be able to make their own choices.
(b) Women should be educated.
(c) Men should have complete control.
(d) Women do not have rights.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long was Ali allowed to choose what Sultana would eat?

2. What were the king's brothers reluctant to do?

3. Sultana's father was the son of whom?

4. What did Sara's husband say three times in front of two male witnesses?

5. How did Mother react to Sara's mother-in-law?

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