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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was this man as king?
(a) He was good.
(b) He was unusual.
(c) He was bad.
(d) He was lazy.

2. Sara would only be one among many _________ to her new husband.
(a) Friends.
(b) Subjects.
(c) Wives.
(d) Servants.

3. Why were these people used like this?
(a) Because they wanted to be rich.
(b) Because of the extreme poverty in some countries.
(c) Because they thought it wiould find them a good husband.
(d) Because of the money that could be made in prostitution.

4. Madeline told Marci how the father of the household would do what?
(a) Forget to pay her.
(b) Torture her.
(c) Insult her.
(d) Rape her every night.

5. With the news of her impending marriage, what happened to Sara?
(a) Sara began to dream.
(b) Sara's dreams changed.
(c) Sara's dreams died.
(d) Sara's dreams were renewed.

6. Why did Nura respond this way?
(a) The police would take care of the two boys.
(b) The child's mother sold her to Ali to be used this way.
(c) She may not have been believed.
(d) Father would not approve of this behavior.

7. No one would do anything about Ali, because Sultana's father did not see the harm in what?
(a) Ali's humor.
(b) Ali's laziness.
(c) Ali's cruel habits.
(d) Ali's lack of an education.

8. Why did Nadia's father choose her punishment?
(a) He felt it was the only way to protect the family name.
(b) He felt the damage to the family's reputation was so bad that he had no choice.
(c) He felt it was the only way to punish her.
(d) He was very angry and not making logical choices.

9. What were the king's brothers reluctant to do?
(a) Force him to resign.
(b) Tell him to resign.
(c) Have him murdered.
(d) Have him kidnapped.

10. What did Nadia's father do?
(a) He had her exiled.
(b) He had her drowned in the family's swimming pool.
(c) He had her locked in her room for weeks.
(d) He had her married off immediately.

11. What did Sultana think of Cairo?
(a) She was afraid of it.
(b) She hated it.
(c) She thought nothing of it.
(d) She loved it.

12. When Marci arrived, she had trouble doing what?
(a) Getting in touch with Madeline.
(b) Finding work.
(c) Adjusting to the culture.
(d) Making friends.

13. Who did Sultana's father often overlook?
(a) His oldest children.
(b) His first wife's children.
(c) Sultana and her sisters.
(d) Sultana.

14. When Sultana's father arrived, her mother insisted that he allow Sara to do what?
(a) Commit suicide.
(b) Find a new husband.
(c) Leave the marriage.
(d) Go back to her husband.

15. Sara's marriage had already been made between whom?
(a) The groom and the holy man.
(b) Father and the groom.
(c) The bride and groom.
(d) The fathers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Wafa's father immediately do?

2. Why does Nura do this?

3. What would Sultana eventually get?

4. Within hours the mutawas,_______________, came to Sultana's house and told Father what they had found.

5. Father forced Ali to attend mosque _______ times a day for a year, something he was loath to do.

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