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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else did they do in these cities?
(a) Bought gourmet food.
(b) Preached the word of Allah.
(c) Saw the sights.
(d) Shopped for veils.

2. When Marci arrived, she had trouble doing what?
(a) Making friends.
(b) Adjusting to the culture.
(c) Finding work.
(d) Getting in touch with Madeline.

3. What did Nura say about Ali's and Hadi's behavior?
(a) There was nothing they can do.
(b) She would go to the police.
(c) There was only a little that she could do.
(d) She would tell their father.

4. Sultana attended Sara's wedding, which began where?
(a) In a park.
(b) In the family palace.
(c) In tents in the backyard.
(d) At a mosque.

5. What did Wafa's father immediately do?
(a) He arranged for Wafa to be killed.
(b) He arranged for Wafa to be married.
(c) He arranged for Wafa to be put into a convent.
(d) He arranged for Wafa to be exiled.

6. The brothers decided they would first attempt what?
(a) To force the king to resign.
(b) To poison the king.
(c) To reason with the king.
(d) To bribe the king.

7. Within hours the mutawas,_______________, came to Sultana's house and told Father what they had found.
(a) The religious men.
(b) The police.
(c) The government agents.
(d) The Saudi elders.

8. Which of these describes Father's new wife?
(a) She was young and immature.
(b) She was old and crippled.
(c) She was young and enthusiastic.
(d) She was young and frightened.

9. How was this man as king?
(a) He was unusual.
(b) He was bad.
(c) He was lazy.
(d) He was good.

10. Sultana recalled overhearing a meeting between whom?
(a) Her father and his brothers.
(b) Her mother and her father's other wives.
(c) Her father and brother.
(d) Her father and mother.

11. How was the marriage beneficial to Father?
(a) The groom loved Sara and would care for her.
(b) The groom was a member of a leading merchant family.
(c) The groom was a good friend of the family.
(d) The groom was very kind.

12. Why was Ali given the privilege of choosing what Sultana would eat at every meal?
(a) Sultana did not know what she wanted to eat.
(b) He was to practice being in charge.
(c) Sultana refused to give in to her brother.
(d) He liked to run Sultana's life.

13. Sultana caught sight of Sara's face after the ceremony and knew what?
(a) How drugged Sara was.
(b) How happy Sara was.
(c) How frightened Sara was.
(d) How unsure Sara was.

14. No one would do anything about Ali, because Sultana's father did not see the harm in what?
(a) Ali's laziness.
(b) Ali's lack of an education.
(c) Ali's humor.
(d) Ali's cruel habits.

15. Sultana became ____________ what her father would do to her when he learned what happened.
(a) Satisfied with.
(b) Happy with.
(c) Afraid of.
(d) Unsure of.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Sultana's father often overlook?

2. Father threatened to do what if Mother did not stop pushing the issue?

3. After only __________, Father told Mother that Sara had been admitted to the hospital and that she and Sultana would go to be with her.

4. Who did Father marry?

5. Who replaced the king on the throne?

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