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Jean Sasson
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Short Answer Questions

1. With Fayza back in Saudi Arabia, what did Jafer do with his life?

2. What was the outcome of Sultana's and her sister's talk with Ali's wife, Nada?

3. How did Amani's brother and sister deal with her changing behavior?

4. What mission did Amani undertake with the family's staff of servants?

5. Why was the family's time in Jeddah less enjoyable because of Amani?

Short Essay Questions

1. With Abdullah's efforts to reunite Jafer and Fayza, what was the final outcome for the two forbidden lovers?

2. One night in Cairo, Sultana's housekeeper began wailing while she cooked the family's supper. Why was Fatma upset?

3. Explain what obstacle Ali faced after divorcing his wife, Nada, for the third time.

4. Sultana blamed Amani's upbringing for her extreme religious conversion. Explain the differences in the economic climate between the time of Sultana's childhood and that of Amani.

5. When Sultana went to speak with Fatma's daughter, what was the outcome?

6. In addition to other important items, it was revealed that Abdullah also took nearly one million dollars in cash from the family safe. Explain what Abdullah did with that money and how Kareem felt about it.

7. In the weeks after the holy pilgrimage, Sultana began to see great changes in Amani's actions and personality. Describe some of Amani's actions and personality changes that frightened Sultana and made her fear that Amani might one day join an extremist terrorist cult.

8. When Sultana and her family arrived in Monaco to share a rented mansion villa with Sultana's sisters, why were the sisters in a state of anxiety and great sadness?

9. Explain why female circumcision was still practiced in Saudi Arabia during Sultana's lifetime.

10. Fatma, Sultana's permanent housekeeper in Cairo, told Sultana about a dream she had. What was the message of the dream and how did Sultana interpret the message?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how Amani's religious conversion led her down a different path than the rest of her family. How did Amani feel about her family as her faith changed and grew? How did she treat her family differently after her conversion?

Essay Topic 2

During the family's holy pilgrimage to Makkah, what significant changes in Amani occurred? What fears about her future did Sultana have?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the women Sultana knew wished that they could divorce their husbands. Explain how divorce worked in Saudi Arabia. What different rules about divorce applied to men and women? What consequences of divorce were there for men and for women?

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