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Jean Sasson
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Reema?

2. Why did Sultana blame Saudi society for Jafer and Fayza's decision to elope?

3. In the aftermath of Abdullah's grand plan, how did Sultana feel about Kareem?

4. What did Sultana learn from her sisters about Reema in the aftermath of her situation?

5. What was Sultana's reaction when she realized what the Wonder Garment was and to whom it belonged?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Sultana describe her sister, Reema's, appearance and demeanor that made her different from all the other sisters in the family?

2. Describe the main reason why Abdullah's friend, Jafer, and Fayza were forbidden to marry.

3. One night in Cairo, Sultana's housekeeper began wailing while she cooked the family's supper. Why was Fatma upset?

4. Despite their love being forbidden, Jafer and Fayza found ways to be together. Explain how the two hid their relationship but still maintained contact.

5. Sultana had very specific feelings and thoughts about her husband, Kareem, throughout the course of Chapter 9. What were some of her feelings and thoughts, and how did she ultimately feel about being married to a man like Kareem?

6. After the family's holy pilgrimage, a sandstorm prohibited them from returning to Riyadh and they travel to their vacation home in Jeddah. Explain how Jeddah was different from Riyadh in regard to its restrictions on women.

7. When Sultana and her family arrived in Monaco to share a rented mansion villa with Sultana's sisters, why were the sisters in a state of anxiety and great sadness?

8. What was the "Wonder Garment" that Sultana found, and where did she find it?

9. Explain what happened to Jafer and Fayza after they decided to elope.

10. Describe Saleem's attack on Reema and the outcome for Reema.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the women Sultana knew wished that they could divorce their husbands. Explain how divorce worked in Saudi Arabia. What different rules about divorce applied to men and women? What consequences of divorce were there for men and for women?

Essay Topic 2

When Sultana, her husband and Aisha's father all agreed that Maha and Aisha should no longer socialize, Maha flew into a rage and caused her parents to seek psychiatric help for their disturbed daughter. Explain the story of the harem girl that Maha told to her psychiatrist and its implications.

Essay Topic 3

Early in the book, Sultana wondered if her daughter, Maha, and her sister Sara's daughter, Nashwa, had been switched at birth. What similarities to Sara did Maha display as a child? What similarities to Sultana did Nashwa display as a young adult?

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