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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Fatma's family react to Sultana's intrusion into their lives?
(a) They were grateful and wept in joy.
(b) They were humbled and embarrassed.
(c) They stubbornly argued with her.
(d) They changed their minds but did not give Sultana any credit.

2. What suspicions of Sultana did Kareem have after he discovered what Abdullah had stolen from the safe?
(a) He suspected that she was the real thief and wrongfully blamed her son.
(b) He suspected her of supplying the safe combination.
(c) He suspected that Maha was the real thief and Sultana was covering for her by blaming Abdullah.
(d) He suspected that Abdullah was simply following his mother's orders.

3. What help did Fatma seek from Sultana?
(a) She wanted protection from Kareem, whom she feared.
(b) She wanted Sultana to send food and medicine to Fatma's family in Cairo.
(c) She thought her family would listen to the princess.
(d) She wanted money to guarantee her silence.

4. What part in Abdullah's plan did Sultana actually play?
(a) She planned the entire thing and Abdullah merely followed her orders.
(b) She played no part, but lied to protect Maha from being arrested and executed.
(c) She played no part.
(d) She warned Abdullah not to get caught, but did not actually participate in the plan.

5. As Sultana's brother, Ali, drove the sisters to visit Reema, what opinion did Ali share?
(a) That Reema was smart to leave her husband before she got hurt.
(b) That Reema was partly responsible for what had happened to her.
(c) That Reema should be punished for what she did.
(d) That Reema was too weak to leave her husband and deserved what she got.

6. What was the aftermath of Abdullah's plan?
(a) Abdullah denied his involvement in the plan and blamed Sultana for everything.
(b) Fayza's father saw how grief-stricken his daughter was and allowed her to marry Jafer.
(c) Abdullah was arrested but his royal status limited the punishment he would receive.
(d) Abdullah admitted to his thievery and returned all the family treasures.

7. When Sultana and Fatma returned home, how did Sultana feel on the drive back?
(a) She was triumphant and pleased with the outcome.
(b) She was concerned but hopeful that things would go well.
(c) She was upset and sobbed all the way home.
(d) She worried that she did not do enough.

8. How did Fayza's family get her back from Jafer?
(a) Fayza felt guilty for going against her family and begged Jafer to allow her to go home and face her punishment.
(b) They tracked them down, knocked out Jafer and took Fayza by force.
(c) The family hired a private investigator who found them and kidnapped Fayza after drugging Jafer.
(d) They negotiated over the phone with the couple and they agreed to return home.

9. How did Reema look when Sultana and her sisters came to visit her?
(a) Excited and happy.
(b) Worried but content.
(c) Angry and wanting revenge.
(d) Sickly and scared.

10. How did the story of Reema's situation leave Sultana feeling?
(a) Angry and ready to fight.
(b) Hopeful and excited.
(c) Jealous.
(d) Downcast and disillusioned.

11. What was Sultana's reaction when she realized what the Wonder Garment was and to whom it belonged?
(a) Girlish glee.
(b) Shame and embarrassment.
(c) Fearful worry.
(d) Complete disgust.

12. What shameful secret about her cousin, Majed, did Amani learn and share with Sultana?
(a) Majed poured scalding water down the throat of his infant daughter to kill her.
(b) Majed married two teenage virgins, used them for sex and divorced them one month later.
(c) Majed raped a woman who was in a coma in the hospital.
(d) Majed was a homosexual.

13. At the same time that Sultana was dealing with problems with her children, what trouble was Sara having with her daughter, Nashwa?
(a) She began stealing.
(b) She became a religious extremist.
(c) She was acting sexually suggestive toward the family's servants.
(d) She told her mother she was a lesbian.

14. How did Jafer and Fayza meet?
(a) At a chance meeting at Kareem's law firm.
(b) At the souk (public market).
(c) Abdullah introduced them.
(d) They were neighbors and grew up together.

15. What was Kareem's condition and attitude when Sultana returned home with Fatma?
(a) He was drunk and combative.
(b) He was peaceful and serene, unaware that there was a problem.
(c) He was angry and sulking.
(d) He was feeling guilty and apologetic.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Sultana's upbringing different from those of her children?

2. What mission did Amani undertake with the family's staff of servants?

3. How did Jafer and Fayza communicate before meeting in person to begin their affair?

4. What happened between Sultana and Kareem when she returned home with Fatma?

5. Why did the siblings fight over a newspaper in the beginning of Chapter 8?

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