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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sultana learn from her sisters about Reema in the aftermath of her situation?
(a) She was finally happy and content with her life.
(b) She would never walk again.
(c) She must use a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.
(d) She was suicidal.

2. What did Kareem do to keep Abdullah from leaving the country?
(a) He offered him a new car if he stayed.
(b) He locked up the passports in a safe.
(c) He threatened to disown him.
(d) He called the police and told them that Abdullah was dangerous.

3. How did Saleem react when he came to see Reema?
(a) He was repulsed by her condition and said he would never sleep with her again.
(b) He was kind and forgiving toward Reema and asked her to move back home.
(c) He was angry and seeking revenge.
(d) He begged for forgiveness.

4. In the aftermath of Abdullah's grand plan, how did Sultana feel about Kareem?
(a) She was furious with him for his suspicions and threateded to leave him.
(b) She realized that she was wrong and begged him to forgive her.
(c) She believed he was hard-headed and old-fashioned, but she was lucky to have him.
(d) She felt that his betrayal was the "final straw" and made plans to divorce him.

5. How did the story of Reema's situation leave Sultana feeling?
(a) Angry and ready to fight.
(b) Jealous.
(c) Downcast and disillusioned.
(d) Hopeful and excited.

6. Why was the family's time in Jeddah less enjoyable because of Amani?
(a) She became very ill and the family worried she might die.
(b) She was cruel to the family and scorned them for their wealth and fine things.
(c) She ran off every night with friends and the family was worried.
(d) She was withdrawn and read the Koran obsessively.

7. How did Kareem feel about Sultana's thoughts on Amani's impact on the royal family?
(a) He never knew because Sultana was too afraid to tell him.
(b) They disagreed completely.
(c) They agreed completely.
(d) He was skeptical and not convinced.

8. How did Fatma's family react to Sultana's intrusion into their lives?
(a) They were humbled and embarrassed.
(b) They stubbornly argued with her.
(c) They were grateful and wept in joy.
(d) They changed their minds but did not give Sultana any credit.

9. What warning did Fatma share with Sultana because of a dream she had?
(a) That Sultana must cool her anger over women's issues or face great unhappiness.
(b) That Kareem was a bad man and she must be watchful and wary of him.
(c) That her daughter, Amani, was becoming an extremist religious terrorist.
(d) That Sultana must pack immediately and leave Cairo to be safe.

10. What news of Reema did the family learn when they arrived in Monaco?
(a) She had stolen money and escaped from her abusive husband.
(b) She had been raped while out shopping.
(c) she was suspected of cheating on her husband.
(d) She had been brutally attacked by her husband.

11. Why did Abdullah's best friend, Jafer, and a woman named Fayza have to elope to be together?
(a) Jafer was significantly younger than Fayza.
(b) They were from different social classes.
(c) Their families had hated eachother for generations.
(d) They were cousins.

12. Worried, Kareem calls Sultana to check the family's safe for what?
(a) His father's will.
(b) The family jewels.
(c) The children's passports.
(d) A large sum of American dollars.

13. When Amani began to invite friends and extended family over for meetings, what was the purpose?
(a) For prayer.
(b) To practice witchcraft secretly.
(c) For discussing ways to look and dress more like Americans.
(d) For planning a revolution.

14. Why did Sultana believe that Amani's upbringing was the reason for the changes in her behavior?
(a) She was exposed to the Western lifestyle at too young of an age.
(b) She grew up too poor and put too much value on worthless things.
(c) She was not given enough religious instruction.
(d) She grew up too wealthy and never learned the value of anything.

15. When Sultana and Fatma returned home, how did Sultana feel on the drive back?
(a) She worried that she did not do enough.
(b) She was triumphant and pleased with the outcome.
(c) She was concerned but hopeful that things would go well.
(d) She was upset and sobbed all the way home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Sultana's reaction when she realized what the Wonder Garment was and to whom it belonged?

2. What mission did Amani undertake with the family's staff of servants?

3. Where did Jafer and Fayza finally meet in person to start their affair?

4. How did Sultana react to Fatma's explanation of why she was so upset?

5. How did Amani's brother and sister deal with her changing behavior?

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