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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning did Fatma share with Sultana because of a dream she had?
(a) That her daughter, Amani, was becoming an extremist religious terrorist.
(b) That Kareem was a bad man and she must be watchful and wary of him.
(c) That Sultana must pack immediately and leave Cairo to be safe.
(d) That Sultana must cool her anger over women's issues or face great unhappiness.

2. What thoughts did Sultana come to have about Amani's impact on the royal family?
(a) She was worried that Amani's actions would embarrass the family name.
(b) She knew Amani would be the favored child for her selfless giving.
(c) She feared that Amani would be the downfall of the family.
(d) She feared that Amani would expose the family's dark secrets.

3. What shameful secret about her cousin, Majed, did Amani learn and share with Sultana?
(a) Majed poured scalding water down the throat of his infant daughter to kill her.
(b) Majed married two teenage virgins, used them for sex and divorced them one month later.
(c) Majed raped a woman who was in a coma in the hospital.
(d) Majed was a homosexual.

4. What vow did Sultana make to herself as she fell asleep after dealing with Fatma's problem?
(a) She was going to purify and cleanse herself to make things right with God.
(b) She would never again let Kareem ruin another innocent life.
(c) She would fight against female circumcision.
(d) She would make sure that none of her servants' families were starving while she had so much.

5. What did Reema suspect was wrong with her husband, Saleem?
(a) Depression over gambling debt.
(b) A personality disorder.
(c) Feelings for another woman.
(d) A brain tumor.

6. What was the outcome of Sultana's and her sister's talk with Ali's wife, Nada?
(a) She was angry and undecided about what to do.
(b) She was anxious to remarry him for the sake of her children.
(c) She was planning to surprise him with a secret wedding and honeymoon.
(d) She eventually went back to him when he promised her wealth and jewelry.

7. What happened between Sultana and Kareem when she returned home with Fatma?
(a) They agreed that they must fire Fatma the next day.
(b) Sultana demanded that Kareem take her side and help Fatma.
(c) They got in an argument that almost got physical.
(d) Kareem begged her to forgive him for his foolishness.

8. When the sisters all gathered to remember their mother, they told Sultana that their mother thought Sultana was a thief. What did Sultana do then that made them all laugh?
(a) She went to her room to retrieve things she had taken from each of them over the years.
(b) She did an impression of their brother, Ali.
(c) She showed them the photos she had stolen from Kareem's secret hiding spot.
(d) She slipped into the Wonder Garment she had stolen and danced for them.

9. What part in Abdullah's plan did Sultana actually play?
(a) She played no part, but lied to protect Maha from being arrested and executed.
(b) She warned Abdullah not to get caught, but did not actually participate in the plan.
(c) She planned the entire thing and Abdullah merely followed her orders.
(d) She played no part.

10. What was the purpose of the Wonder Garment?
(a) To make a man look taller.
(b) To slim the waist.
(c) To minimize a large rear end.
(d) To maximize sexual performance.

11. What did Sultana do after she discovered Abdullah's motive and actions?
(a) She decided to not meddle and let true love rule the day.
(b) She immediately forgave Abdullah for his theft and took him to London to see a psychiatrist.
(c) She called the girl's parents and told them what had happened.
(d) She called the police and turned her son in.

12. What else did the family learn that Abdullah took from the family safe?
(a) A priceless ruby and diamond necklace.
(b) A gun.
(c) Nearly one million dollars.
(d) His father's identification and legal documents.

13. How did Sultana explain divorce in Saudi Arabia?
(a) As the only way that men and women become equal.
(b) As a woman's only chance at a good life.
(c) As a means of oppressing women.
(d) As impossible for women to attain.

14. Where did Sultana and her sisters go to visit Reema?
(a) A women's shelter.
(b) The home of her lover.
(c) Her home.
(d) A clinic.

15. At the same time that Sultana was dealing with problems with her children, what trouble was Sara having with her daughter, Nashwa?
(a) She told her mother she was a lesbian.
(b) She began stealing.
(c) She was acting sexually suggestive toward the family's servants.
(d) She became a religious extremist.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the family's holy pilgrimage, they wished to return to Riyadh, but what forced them to delay the trip home?

2. What did Sultana discover that Abdullah had done?

3. After hearing Amani speak poorly of her family, why did Sultana lock the family's jewels in a safe?

4. How did the story of Reema's situation leave Sultana feeling?

5. What did Sultana discover was missing from the safe when she checked it after Kareem called her?

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