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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news did Fatma bring Sultana the day after Sultana helped her with a problem?
(a) Her husband had died overnight from lack of medical care.
(b) Her daughter had changed her mind and called off the circumcision.
(c) Her granddaughter had been circumcised the evening before.
(d) She was quitting and would no longer work for Sultana's family.

2. What suspicions of Sultana did Kareem have after he discovered what Abdullah had stolen from the safe?
(a) He suspected that Abdullah was simply following his mother's orders.
(b) He suspected that Maha was the real thief and Sultana was covering for her by blaming Abdullah.
(c) He suspected her of supplying the safe combination.
(d) He suspected that she was the real thief and wrongfully blamed her son.

3. What happened between Sultana and Kareem when she returned home with Fatma?
(a) Sultana demanded that Kareem take her side and help Fatma.
(b) They agreed that they must fire Fatma the next day.
(c) Kareem begged her to forgive him for his foolishness.
(d) They got in an argument that almost got physical.

4. At the same time that Sultana was dealing with problems with her children, what trouble was Sara having with her daughter, Nashwa?
(a) She told her mother she was a lesbian.
(b) She became a religious extremist.
(c) She was acting sexually suggestive toward the family's servants.
(d) She began stealing.

5. What did Sultana discover that Abdullah had done?
(a) He used Maha's passport to help Fayza reunite with Jafer.
(b) He had stolen his father's identity to gain access to the family's fortune.
(c) He had stolen jewelry and cash to give away to the poor.
(d) He had eloped and secretly fled to America.

6. How did Fayza's family get her back from Jafer?
(a) They tracked them down, knocked out Jafer and took Fayza by force.
(b) They negotiated over the phone with the couple and they agreed to return home.
(c) Fayza felt guilty for going against her family and begged Jafer to allow her to go home and face her punishment.
(d) The family hired a private investigator who found them and kidnapped Fayza after drugging Jafer.

7. When Sultana and Fatma returned home, how did Sultana feel on the drive back?
(a) She was triumphant and pleased with the outcome.
(b) She was upset and sobbed all the way home.
(c) She was concerned but hopeful that things would go well.
(d) She worried that she did not do enough.

8. How did Saleem react when he came to see Reema?
(a) He was repulsed by her condition and said he would never sleep with her again.
(b) He was kind and forgiving toward Reema and asked her to move back home.
(c) He was angry and seeking revenge.
(d) He begged for forgiveness.

9. What thoughts did Sultana come to have about Amani's impact on the royal family?
(a) She feared that Amani would be the downfall of the family.
(b) She was worried that Amani's actions would embarrass the family name.
(c) She feared that Amani would expose the family's dark secrets.
(d) She knew Amani would be the favored child for her selfless giving.

10. When the sisters all gathered to remember their mother, they told Sultana that their mother thought Sultana was a thief. What did Sultana do then that made them all laugh?
(a) She showed them the photos she had stolen from Kareem's secret hiding spot.
(b) She went to her room to retrieve things she had taken from each of them over the years.
(c) She did an impression of their brother, Ali.
(d) She slipped into the Wonder Garment she had stolen and danced for them.

11. What shameful secret about her cousin, Majed, did Amani learn and share with Sultana?
(a) Majed was a homosexual.
(b) Majed married two teenage virgins, used them for sex and divorced them one month later.
(c) Majed raped a woman who was in a coma in the hospital.
(d) Majed poured scalding water down the throat of his infant daughter to kill her.

12. Why did the siblings fight over a newspaper in the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) There was an article about Sultana's book and Amani wanted to show her despite her siblings' protests.
(b) Abdullah was trying to read the paper and his sisters set fire to it.
(c) Amani said that it was holy and could not be thrown away because the name of God was printed on it.
(d) They argued over whose fault it was that it had been left on the floor.

13. What did the family learn that Abdullah had done with the additional item/s he took from the family safe?
(a) He destroyed it.
(b) He donated it to a hospital in Lebanon.
(c) He sold it for money to finance his plan to help Jafer.
(d) He gave it to the poor.

14. What warning did Fatma share with Sultana because of a dream she had?
(a) That her daughter, Amani, was becoming an extremist religious terrorist.
(b) That Kareem was a bad man and she must be watchful and wary of him.
(c) That Sultana must pack immediately and leave Cairo to be safe.
(d) That Sultana must cool her anger over women's issues or face great unhappiness.

15. How did Jafer and Fayza meet?
(a) At the souk (public market).
(b) They were neighbors and grew up together.
(c) Abdullah introduced them.
(d) At a chance meeting at Kareem's law firm.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sultana became distressed over problems with her children, how did she begin to damage herself physically?

2. What was the purpose of the Wonder Garment?

3. Worried, Kareem calls Sultana to check the family's safe for what?

4. How did Fatma's family react to Sultana's intrusion into their lives?

5. Why did Sultana blame Saudi society for Jafer and Fayza's decision to elope?

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