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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the pilgrimage, for which of her children did Sultana worry the most?
(a) Abdullah.
(b) Muhammad.
(c) Amani.
(d) Maha.

2. At age 11, why did Maha curse and swear at her grandfather?
(a) Her grandfather beat her and humiliated her.
(b) Her grandfather was an evil man that harmed women.
(c) She was jealous of the attention Abdullah received.
(d) She had always hated her grandfather.

3. What specific feelings toward women did Yousif express to Kareem?
(a) Feelings that women should be equal to men.
(b) Thoughts that women are powerful, loving creatures.
(c) Feelings of inferiority toward most women.
(d) Islamic fundamentalist contempt of women.

4. What memorable event happened during a tense dinner with Sultana, Sara and their cousin, Lawand?
(a) Lawand spoke loudly about her extremist religious beliefs and was arrested at the restaurant.
(b) Lawand suffered a nervous breakdown and was locked in seclusion for the next three months.
(c) Lawand attacked Sara and Sultana sprayed her with Mace.
(d) Lawand pinched and slapped Sultana for wearing a diamond necklace.

5. When two men were trampled to death at Makkah, why did Sultana panic?
(a) She last saw her nephew at the spot where the men were killed.
(b) She feared that one of the men was Kareem,
(c) She could not find her son.
(d) She had a dream that someone she loved would soon die.

6. What did Maha say was her reason for taking such an item (or items) with her to work?
(a) For protection from the police.
(b) It was the only free time she had away from her parents' watchful eyes.
(c) As an escape from the hardships of her life.
(d) To seem cool to the other workers at the hospital.

7. Who was Reema, from Yemen?
(a) Sultana's youngest daughter.
(b) One of Aisha's father's unfortunate brides.
(c) Maha's forbidden lover.
(d) Kareem's second wife.

8. What was Maha's relationship with Aisha?
(a) Aisha was the family's London housekeeper in whom Maha confided.
(b) Maha helped Aisha escape from her abusive elderly husband.
(c) They were secret lovers.
(d) Aisha was Maha's illegitimate child who was born in secret.

9. What change in Amani occurred during the family's holy pilgrimage?
(a) She became devoutly religious.
(b) She became depressed and withdrawn.
(c) She decided that she was confused about her path in life and what God wanted from her.
(d) She decided to reject religion completely.

10. In the sad story of Sultana's cousin, what was the main conflict?
(a) She was wrongly accused of adultery and held in the women's room until she died.
(b) She was an American trapped in Saudi Arabia and held against her will.
(c) She was the 19th wife of an elderly Saudi man who abused her.
(d) She was married to an older man and took a forbidden lover.

11. What was the purpose of Maha's trip to London in Chapter 3?
(a) To escape the oppression of women.
(b) To study abroad.
(c) To seek mental help.
(d) To avoid being stoned to death in her country.

12. How does Sultana remember King Fahd from his youth?
(a) As a hateful and bullying child.
(b) As a handsome warrior.
(c) As a kind and generous young man.
(d) As a shy and fearful boy.

13. What happened after Kareem and Sultana confronted Amani and told her she needed to have passion for humans and not animals?
(a) She became angry and more fanatic than ever.
(b) She threatened to kill herself.
(c) She calmed down and became less fanatic.
(d) She became depressed and released all the animals from their cages.

14. During the purity time before the holy pilgrimage, why was prayer important?
(a) To ensure tranquility of the soul.
(b) To improve one's standing with Allah.
(c) To be forgiven for sins.
(d) To become clean.

15. According to Sultana, what were the main duties of King Fahd?
(a) To bring peace to war-torn Saudi Arabia.
(b) To establish order among the chaotic nation.
(c) To rule over four distinct groups of citizens.
(d) To unify the people and eliminate class distinctions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Sultana, and what was her place in the Saudi royal family?

2. When her father revealed a copy of Princess to the family, in which language was his copy written?

3. What did Sultana tell her children that the Koran says about equality of women?

4. How did Maha react to the decision regarding her relationship with Aisha?

5. After the first day of the pilgrimage, what sounds did Sultana hear coming from Amani's room?

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