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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Amani's reaction to the notable event that took place at the Plain of Mina?
(a) She became horribly depressed and was immediately sent to London to treatment.
(b) She was overjoyed and smiled for the first time in months.
(c) She told her mother she was finally at peace with her lot in life.
(d) She was horrified and had to be taken away to calm down.

2. In the sad story of Sultana's cousin, what memorable act did the woman attempt?
(a) She kidnapped her driver at gunpoint and made him drive her to the airport.
(b) She contacted the authorities in the United States and begged them to rescue her.
(c) She faked her death and tried to escape the country dressed as a man.
(d) She told her husband she was going shopping and actually fled the country with only a passport and a few posessions.

3. During the purity time before the holy pilgrimage, why was prayer important?
(a) To ensure tranquility of the soul.
(b) To be forgiven for sins.
(c) To become clean.
(d) To improve one's standing with Allah.

4. When two men were trampled to death at Makkah, why did Sultana panic?
(a) She feared that one of the men was Kareem,
(b) She had a dream that someone she loved would soon die.
(c) She last saw her nephew at the spot where the men were killed.
(d) She could not find her son.

5. Who was Jean Sasson?
(a) Sultana's most trusted servant.
(b) An American wed to a Saudi prince.
(c) Sultana's real identity.
(d) The author responsible for telling Sultana's story.

6. Sultana recalls the sad story of which distant cousin whose plight was described in a Western documentary?
(a) Princess Maha.
(b) Princess Misha'il.
(c) Princess Anani.
(d) Princess Noorah.

7. What was the purpose of Maha's trip to London in Chapter 3?
(a) To escape the oppression of women.
(b) To avoid being stoned to death in her country.
(c) To seek mental help.
(d) To study abroad.

8. What is the Kaaba? .
(a) The Muslim holy book.
(b) The name given to the holy pilgrimage Muslim's make to Makkah.
(c) The Muslim holy season during which they do not eat until after sundown.
(d) A holy shrine in the central courtyard of Makkah.

9. What happened when Sultana confronted Kareem about his attitude toward the pilgrimage?
(a) They got into a shouting and shoving match.
(b) Kareem forbade her to ever go with him.
(c) She begged him to allow her to go with him that year and he agreed.
(d) They decided that Sultana would go alone.

10. What is the story about that Maha wrote in London?
(a) An American girl marries a Saudi man who is actually the Devil.
(b) A princess murders her husband and his nine other wives.
(c) A harem girl has sex with a man who becomes a woman.
(d) A poor Yemeni houseboy tricks the Saudi royal family into believing he is one of their own.

11. Who is Maha?
(a) The first wife of King Fahd.
(b) Ali's wife, who he eventually divorced three times.
(c) Sultana's middle child.
(d) Sultana's sister and closest friend.

12. What group of people in Saudi Arabia did Sultana consider forgotten?
(a) The children.
(b) The handicapped.
(c) The women.
(d) The poor.

13. What did Sultana tell her children that the Koran says about equality of women?
(a) Women must serve men with joyful hearts.
(b) Even young boys are to have more rights than their own mothers simply because of their gender.
(c) Men and women are equal in the eyes of God and the prophet.
(d) Men have the great responsibility of protecting and caring for their wives.

14. How was the marriage of Kareem and Sultana affected by Sultana's book?
(a) Kareem did not divorce Sultana but sent her to live in Egypt with her daughters.
(b) Kareem immediately divorced Sultana.
(c) Kareem punished Sultana by placing her in seclusion in the women's room.
(d) They argued, but their marriage ended up stronger than ever.

15. During the purification process before the holy pilgrimage, what was the policy on cutting hair?
(a) Men's head must be shaved and women must have a haircut.
(b) Men were not permitted to cut their hair, but women and children were allowed.
(c) It was not allowed.
(d) The faithful would cut off a lock of their own hair as part of a ritual.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Sultana fare during the purification process before the holy pilgrimage?

2. What was Amani like as a child?

3. What impact on women's rights did the Gulf War have for the women of Saudi Arabia?

4. Arriving at the location of the holy pilgrimage, what was the name of the tent city the family encountered?

5. Despite the fallout from her first book, why did Sultana know in her heart that the book needed to be written?

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