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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Mia punished for the Lana incident?

2. How does Mia feel about Lilly's latest boycott?

3. What foreign language does Mia study?

4. How much is Mia's father worth?

5. According to Mia, Grandmere could easily start:

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lilly's reason for the boycott? Is the basis of the boycott fair or over the top? How does Mia feel about it?

2. Grandmere is appalled at the way Mia dresses. Why?

3. How does Mia react when the press releases her story, complete with photos?

4. Mia's actions toward Lana may make Lilly have to rethink her theory about what?

5. How does Mr. G react when accused of tipping off the press?

6. Why is Lilly so upset with Mia? Whose fault was the incident? How is it resolved?

7. What is the incident between Mia and Lana Weinberger? What caused it? What was the result?

8. Why is Mia extra upset about being called into the principal's office?

9. What does Michael say when Mia asks if Lilly is saying bad things behind her back?

10. How does the press refer to Mia in the context of her parents?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mia has had a long time crush on Josh Richter. How does Mia describe Josh? Why is Mia not involved with him? What does Josh do to surprise Mia? What does Josh do to make Mia angry? How does Mia feel about Josh at the end of the book?

Essay Topic 2

The parents of Lilly and Michael Moscovitz are both psychiatrists. How does this affect Lilly and Michael? How does the occupation influence how Lilly sees life? Do the professionals have any bearing on the extremely high IQs of their children?

Essay Topic 3

Mia is worried about Lilly's reaction to her new role as princess of Genovia. Is this concern warranted? Will Lilly react as Mia suspects? How will Mia's other friends react? Will Mia's new status affect Josh Richter's opinion of her?

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