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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grandmere call Mia when she sees the new outfit?

2. Mia refers to Grandmere as a:

3. Lilly is relentless in teasing Mia about what?

4. Why does Michael stay after school?

5. How does Prince Phillipe react to Mia's punishment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mia actually tells Grandmere about the Lana Weinberger incident. What is Grandmere's reaction?

2. Mia is worried that everyone will found out that she is a princess, even though she is working hard to prevent it. How might they find out? Can Mia prevent it?

3. What subjects are the focus of Mia's princess test? What are the results?

4. What is the purpose of Mia wearing activist propaganda to the press conference?

5. What is the real reason Mia turns down the invitation to the party at Josh's house?

6. How does Mr. G react when accused of tipping off the press?

7. How does Prince Phillipe attempt to ease Mia's concerns about taking on the job of princess?

8. Why does Mia avoid Michael after G&T?

9. Tina describes the dress of her country to Mia. What is it called and what is its purpose?

10. Why does Mia have such a difficult time studying with Michael? Is it the topic or Michael's methods?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Michael so interested in Mia's activities? Do you think Michael knows that Mia has a crush on him? If so, how? What was the meaning of the exchange between Michael and Lars? Why did Michael choose to share that particular song with Mia?

Essay Topic 2

Examine Mia's relationship with Lilly. Why does Lilly always criticize Mia? Does Lilly intend to be critical or helpful? Why is Mia still her friend? At what point does Mia start to challenge Lilly?

Essay Topic 3

Michael and Lilly Moscovitz are brother and sister. Compare and contrast their personalities. Which is more like their parents? How?

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