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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mia's father unable to reach Mia at Lilly's house?

2. What is the name of the restaurant where Mia has lunch with her father?

3. Where does Mia go to hide from her father?

4. Where does Mia's father stay when he's in New York?

5. Mia is shocked to discover that Lilly is attracted to:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mia react when Lilly confesses her attraction to Boris?

2. What ailment plagued Mia's father? What was the result of the treatment? Was he cured?

3. What is Lilly's opinion on Christian monarchies?

4. How does Mia react when Lilly asks if she would choose Josh Richter or Michael as a life partner?

5. Who is Mia's paternal grandmother? What is Mia's opinion of the grandmother?

6. Why is it suddenly important for Mia to know about being a princess?

7. What is the purpose of keeping a diary for Mia? What sparked her interest in journaling?

8. Why are Lilly's parents upset with their daughter? What is the potential punishment for Lilly's behavior?

9. How does Prince Phillipe react to win Helen gets ready to leave for her date with Mr. Gianini?

10. What is the relationship between Mia and Lilly's brother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Phillipe and Mr. G in regards to their relationships with Mia and Helen.

Essay Topic 2

Mia's mother gives Mia a journal. Mia writes in the journal with devotion. Explain why Helen thought it was important to give Mia the journal. Were Helen's assumptions correct? How does this new activity help Mia? Is there a downside to journaling? If so, what?

Essay Topic 3

Examine Mia's relationship with Lilly. Why does Lilly always criticize Mia? Does Lilly intend to be critical or helpful? Why is Mia still her friend? At what point does Mia start to challenge Lilly?

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