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Short Answer Questions

1. Lilly's parents tell her not to torment her stalker because he is probably suffering from:

2. What color is Mia's hair?

3. What is the profession of Lilly's parents?

4. What is Mia's name for her grandmother?

5. Why do the Moscovitzes send Mia home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Lilly's stalker and what to do the Doctors Moscovitz have to say about him?

2. Where do Mia's grandmother and father live? What type of area is it? What location does the author compare it to?

3. Why does Mia suspect that Michael chose her over Lana Weinberger?

4. What is the purpose of Mia wearing activist propaganda to the press conference?

5. Why does Lars get angry at Josh when the group arrives at the school?

6. How does Grandmere react when Mia arrives with a new look? What has changed about Mia?

7. What subjects are the focus of Mia's princess test? What are the results?

8. Why does Mia have such a difficult time studying with Michael? Is it the topic or Michael's methods?

9. How does Mr. G react when accused of tipping off the press?

10. Why is Mia so upset when her father tells her about being the Princess of Genovia?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Mia's mother gives Mia a journal. Mia writes in the journal with devotion. Explain why Helen thought it was important to give Mia the journal. Were Helen's assumptions correct? How does this new activity help Mia? Is there a downside to journaling? If so, what?

Essay Topic 2

It is a shock when Mia learns of her royal heritage. How does Mia react when she receives the news? Explain Mia's reaction. Why was the information kept from Mia? Was it a wise or foolish decision?

Essay Topic 3

Examine Mia's relationship with Lilly. Why does Lilly always criticize Mia? Does Lilly intend to be critical or helpful? Why is Mia still her friend? At what point does Mia start to challenge Lilly?

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