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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mia wears what protest item to the press conference?
(a) Pro gun control
(b) Pro feminism
(c) Anti-fur
(d) Anti-war

2. What performer does Mia secretly like?
(a) Britney Spears
(b) Lil Wayne
(c) Jessica Simpson
(d) Taylor Swift

3. Mia is offered what as an incentive to agree to her duties as princess?
(a) Money
(b) New clothes
(c) A car
(d) Her own room

4. Why does Lilly want to boycott the deli?
(a) For removing the tofu surprise from the menu
(b) For refusing to give out extra fortune cookies
(c) For using non-recyclable containers
(d) For giving extra discounts to Asians

5. Who does Mia suspect of tipping off the press?
(a) Grandmere
(b) Lars
(c) Her mother
(d) Prince Phillipe

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these things is not commented on by Michael regarding Genovia?

2. Mia is known for making lists. Which is not on the list of people Mia admires?

3. Who does Mia sit with at lunch?

4. What happens at Mia's locker?

5. What does Grandmere try to teach Mia at dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mia react when the press releases her story, complete with photos?

2. How does the press refer to Mia in the context of her parents?

3. How does Grandmere react when Mia arrives with a new look? What has changed about Mia?

4. Mia is worried that everyone will found out that she is a princess, even though she is working hard to prevent it. How might they find out? Can Mia prevent it?

5. What is done to Mia during her session with the stylist?

6. Tina describes the dress of her country to Mia. What is it called and what is its purpose?

7. Mia's actions toward Lana may make Lilly have to rethink her theory about what?

8. Grandmere is appalled at the way Mia dresses. Why?

9. Why is Lilly so upset with Mia? Whose fault was the incident? How is it resolved?

10. What does Michael say when Mia asks if Lilly is saying bad things behind her back?

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