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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lilly is relentless in teasing Mia about what?
(a) Low algebra grade
(b) Hair
(c) Lars
(d) Crush on Josh Richter

2. What question does Josh ask Mia at her locker?
(a) If he can walk her to lunch
(b) If she will reconsider going to the party
(c) If she has a date for the dance
(d) If he can borrow a pencil

3. What do modern girls wear under the garment?
(a) Leggings
(b) Things from Victoria's Secret
(c) Make up
(d) Jeans

4. Which newspaper does not cover Mia's story?
(a) Daily News
(b) New York Times
(c) New York Newsday
(d) USA Today

5. Lilly accuses Michael of having what kind of feelings toward Mia?
(a) Libidinous
(b) Brotherly
(c) Protective
(d) Jealous

Short Answer Questions

1. Mia thinks her father went along with Grandmere for what reason?

2. Lilly doesn't understand why Mia is so:

3. What is the excuse Mia gives for not attending the party?

4. What name does Lilly give to her boycott?

5. The news article refers to Mia as:

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