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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Mia punished for the Lana incident?
(a) Banned from the dance
(b) Mopping the cafeteria
(c) 5,000 word essay on getting along with one's peers
(d) Detention

2. Why do the students return to Ho's?
(a) Hot wait staff
(b) Fast service
(c) Cheap food
(d) It's the only place to buy cigarettes

3. What topic is Mia studying in math?
(a) Slope
(b) Cartesian plane
(c) Pythagorean Theorem
(d) Multiplying exponents

4. Kids in the cafeteria try to get Mia to sit with them instead of:
(a) Kenny Showalter
(b) Michael Moscovitz
(c) Lilly Moscovitz
(d) Tina Hakim-Baba

5. Why does Lilly want to boycott the deli?
(a) For removing the tofu surprise from the menu
(b) For using non-recyclable containers
(c) For giving extra discounts to Asians
(d) For refusing to give out extra fortune cookies

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the stylist Grandmere uses?

2. Lilly doesn't understand why Mia is so:

3. One of the photos accompanying the news story shows Mia leaving what place?

4. Mia is known for making lists. Which is not on the list of people Mia admires?

5. Mia believes that Grandmere hates...

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of Mia wearing activist propaganda to the press conference?

2. What does Mr. G do when he learns about the press coverage? How does Mia react?

3. Why is Lilly so upset with Mia? Whose fault was the incident? How is it resolved?

4. What is Lilly's reason for the boycott? Is the basis of the boycott fair or over the top? How does Mia feel about it?

5. Why is Mia extra upset about being called into the principal's office?

6. Why does Mia avoid Michael after G&T?

7. Grandmere is appalled at the way Mia dresses. Why?

8. What is Mia's biggest concern about everyone at school learning that she is a princess?

9. Why does Mia have such a difficult time studying with Michael? Is it the topic or Michael's methods?

10. What does Michael say when Mia asks if Lilly is saying bad things behind her back?

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