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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lilly want to boycott the deli?
(a) For removing the tofu surprise from the menu
(b) For using non-recyclable containers
(c) For refusing to give out extra fortune cookies
(d) For giving extra discounts to Asians

2. Grandmere insists on ordering breakfast from which establishment?
(a) Four Seasons
(b) Waldorf
(c) Balducci's
(d) Palm Court

3. In what part of New York do Mia and her mother live?
(a) Upper east side
(b) Chelsea
(c) Greenwich Village
(d) SoHo

4. Mia believes that Grandmere hates...
(a) Americans
(b) Children
(c) New York
(d) Mia

5. Tina's mother is related to what royal figure?
(a) Russian Premier
(b) Chairman Mao
(c) King of Sweden
(d) German Chancellor

6. What color is Grandmere wearing when Mia arrives for her princess lessons?
(a) Royal Blue
(b) White
(c) Purple
(d) Hot Pink

7. How long has Helen been separated from Mia's father?
(a) 14 years
(b) 8 years
(c) 10 years
(d) 3 years

8. One of the photos accompanying the news story shows Mia leaving what place?
(a) Plaza
(b) Central Park Zoo
(c) Albert Einstein High
(d) Lilly's house

9. What event does Mia have to miss?
(a) Boris' birthday party
(b) Lilly's show
(c) Helen's art opening
(d) Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

10. Mia wears what protest item to the press conference?
(a) Pro feminism
(b) Anti-war
(c) Anti-fur
(d) Pro gun control

11. Mia's latest list focuses on what subject?
(a) Running away to Brooklyn
(b) Making up with Lilly
(c) Defecting from Grandmere
(d) Asking Michael to the dance

12. According to Mia, Grandmere could easily start:
(a) World War III
(b) Making bigger efforts to ruin Mia's life
(c) A campaign to promote Mia as princess
(d) A coup

13. What is commonly served at Miragnac at dinner?
(a) Homebaked bread
(b) Grappa
(c) Wine
(d) French onion soup

14. Who is Lilly's date to the dance?
(a) Boris
(b) Josh
(c) Malcolm
(d) Michael

15. Lilly says Mia's relationship with Grandmere is:
(a) Passive aggressive
(b) Inconvenient
(c) Codependent
(d) Stupid

Short Answer Questions

1. The news article refers to Mia as:

2. What is the proper title for Tina's father?

3. Why does seeing Mr. G. embarrass Mia?

4. Which family owns the Asian deli across from the high school?

5. Girls in what country are required to wear the garment?

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