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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which family owns the Asian deli across from the high school?
(a) Mao
(b) Silverberg
(c) Ho
(d) Chang

2. What does the bodyguard do during the Lana Weinberger incident?
(a) Looks away
(b) Pretends he didn't see it
(c) Laughs
(d) Intervenes

3. Mia wears what protest item to the press conference?
(a) Anti-fur
(b) Anti-war
(c) Pro gun control
(d) Pro feminism

4. In what class does Mia get tutored?
(a) Algebra
(b) Health and Wellness
(c) Gifted and Talented
(d) Lunch

5. In what part of New York do Mia and her mother live?
(a) Upper east side
(b) SoHo
(c) Chelsea
(d) Greenwich Village

6. One of the photos accompanying the news story shows Mia leaving what place?
(a) Central Park Zoo
(b) Plaza
(c) Lilly's house
(d) Albert Einstein High

7. Who does Mia suspect of tipping off the press?
(a) Lars
(b) Her mother
(c) Prince Phillipe
(d) Grandmere

8. Tina's mother is related to what royal figure?
(a) King of Sweden
(b) Chairman Mao
(c) German Chancellor
(d) Russian Premier

9. Which of these things is not commented on by Michael regarding Genovia?
(a) No income tax
(b) Low infant mortality rate
(c) Low inflation
(d) Advanced meterology system

10. What is commonly served at Miragnac at dinner?
(a) Wine
(b) Grappa
(c) French onion soup
(d) Homebaked bread

11. Who surprises Mia by sympathizing with her about Lana?
(a) Josh
(b) Grandmere
(c) Michael
(d) Mr. G

12. What happens at Mia's locker?
(a) Someone filled the locker with shaving cream
(b) Mia can't get the lock open
(c) Someone has tacked a news photo onto it
(d) Josh speaks to her

13. Michael asks Mia if she has plans for what day?
(a) Tuesday
(b) Sunday
(c) Friday
(d) Saturday

14. Where does Grandmere stay while she is in New York?
(a) Waldorf Astoria
(b) Plaza
(c) Holiday Inn
(d) Four Seasons

15. What is the name of the garment explained by Tina?
(a) Berka
(b) Wimple
(c) Veil
(d) Chadrah

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the proper title for Tina's father?

2. What color is Grandmere wearing when Mia arrives for her princess lessons?

3. Grandmere assigns Mia the task of making a top ten list regarding what topic?

4. What performer does Mia secretly like?

5. Who is Lilly's date to the dance?

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