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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mia feel about Lilly's latest boycott?
(a) Mia is ambivalent
(b) Mia agrees 100%
(c) Mia thinks that it is too harsh
(d) Mia is apathetic

2. When/where did Helen and Phillipe meet?
(a) At a debutante ball
(b) On a train in the city
(c) In college
(d) When Helen was on vacation in Europe

3. What name does Lilly give to her boycott?
(a) Down with Unfair Discounts
(b) Mu Shu Prejudice
(c) Heave Ho
(d) Ho-Gate

4. In what part of New York do Mia and her mother live?
(a) Chelsea
(b) Greenwich Village
(c) SoHo
(d) Upper east side

5. How is Mia punished for the Lana incident?
(a) Mopping the cafeteria
(b) Detention
(c) 5,000 word essay on getting along with one's peers
(d) Banned from the dance

6. Who else in school gets special treatment?
(a) Lana
(b) Tina
(c) Lilly
(d) Sabina

7. According to Mia, what is not the best choice for a beverage when eating goat cheese?
(a) Dr. Pepper
(b) Wine
(c) Wheatgrass juice
(d) Apple juice

8. Mia smashes what food into Lana's sweater?
(a) Jello
(b) Apple sauce
(c) Mashed potatoes
(d) Ice cream

9. The news article refers to Mia as:
(a) Statuesque
(b) Awkward
(c) Ordinary
(d) Regal

10. Mia believes that Grandmere hates...
(a) Mia
(b) Americans
(c) Children
(d) New York

11. Why was the dinner guest denied?
(a) She did not compliment Grandmere's tiara
(b) She had a baby out of wedlock
(c) She wore inappropriate shoes
(d) She told an inappropriate joke

12. Who is Lilly's date to the dance?
(a) Malcolm
(b) Boris
(c) Michael
(d) Josh

13. Mia refers to Grandmere as a:
(a) Snob
(b) Bully
(c) Regal woman
(d) Hypocrite

14. Which of these is not used to describe Grandmere according to Mia?
(a) Mean
(b) Self-centered
(c) Impudent
(d) Vain

15. Why does Michael stay after school?
(a) Newspaper Staff
(b) Football
(c) Detention
(d) Computer Club

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at Mia's locker?

2. What is the proper title for Tina's father?

3. Lilly accuses Michael of having what kind of feelings toward Mia?

4. What performer does Mia secretly like?

5. What does the bodyguard do during the Lana Weinberger incident?

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