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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The stalker is obsessed with what part of Lilly's anatomy?
(a) Ears
(b) Hands
(c) Nose
(d) Feet

2. Mia learns that her official last name is no longer Thermopolis. What is Mia's official last name?
(a) Rainier
(b) Renaldo
(c) Grimaldi
(d) Montbatten

3. Mia is shocked to learn that she now has her very own:
(a) Stable
(b) Palace
(c) Principality
(d) Bodyguard

4. When speaking to Mr. Gianini Mia threatens to:
(a) Kick his butt
(b) Enroll in a Swiss boarding school
(c) Tell her mother on him
(d) Cry if she doesn't pass the class

5. What's the name of Mia's dream boyfriend?
(a) Michael
(b) Josh
(c) Jake
(d) George

6. Lilly continues to embarrass Mia by talking about what subject?
(a) The upcoming formal dance
(b) Algebra
(c) Josh Richter
(d) Infertility

7. Which is not on Mia's "things to do" list?
(a) Spend less time thinking about dream boyfriend
(b) Correct posture
(c) Laundry
(d) Be more assertive

8. What is the legal first name of Mia's father?
(a) Jacques
(b) Phillipe
(c) François
(d) Artur

9. What is the name of the agreement Mia makes with her parents?
(a) Prince's Promise
(b) Thermopolis-Renaldo Compromise
(c) Genovian Agreement
(d) Princess Pact

10. Lilly's parents tell her not to torment her stalker because he is probably suffering from:
(a) Hypochondria
(b) Schizophrenia
(c) Low self-esteem
(d) Displacement

11. Who pays for the TV show?
(a) Lilly's fan club
(b) Lilly
(c) Lilly's parents
(d) Donations from supporters

12. Mia is shocked to discover that Lilly is attracted to:
(a) Jacky
(b) Boris
(c) Sam
(d) Lars

13. What shoes does Mia often wear other than sneakers?
(a) Ballet flats
(b) Combat boots
(c) Doc Martens
(d) Flip-flops

14. What is the name of Mia's family home in France?
(a) Miragnac
(b) Graceland
(c) Renaldo Palace
(d) Chateau Frontenac

15. How does Mia respond when her father tells her that she is the Princess of Genovia?
(a) She faints
(b) She gets hiccups
(c) She giggles with delight
(d) She runs from the room screaming

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mia hide out after she finds out that she is a princess?

2. What is Mia's name for her grandmother?

3. Mia recalls what activity with Grandmere?

4. What is Mia's real first name?

5. Why do the Moscovitzes send Mia home?

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