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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mia is shocked to discover that Lilly is attracted to:
(a) Lars
(b) Jacky
(c) Boris
(d) Sam

2. Helen's outfit comes from what store?
(a) Lane Bryant
(b) Bloomingdale's
(c) Victoria's Secret
(d) Macy's

3. Lilly continues to embarrass Mia by talking about what subject?
(a) Infertility
(b) Josh Richter
(c) The upcoming formal dance
(d) Algebra

4. Who does Mia's mother plan to date?
(a) A man she met on the internet
(b) Mia's father
(c) Mia's math teacher
(d) The owner of the Chinese restaurant

5. The agreement between Mia and her parents will allow her to:
(a) Finish high school in New York
(b) Move to Genovia over Christmas break
(c) Go to homecoming
(d) Switch schools

6. Mia learns that her official last name is no longer Thermopolis. What is Mia's official last name?
(a) Renaldo
(b) Grimaldi
(c) Montbatten
(d) Rainier

7. What area of math does Mr. Gianini teach?
(a) Trigonometry
(b) Geometry
(c) Algebra
(d) Calculus

8. What is the legal first name of Mia's father?
(a) Phillipe
(b) Jacques
(c) François
(d) Artur

9. Mia claims that she is not good at being:
(a) Girly
(b) Smart
(c) Socially correct
(d) Punctual

10. What organization does Mia intend to join after graduation?
(a) Red Cross
(b) United Nations
(c) Peace Corps
(d) Greenpeace

11. What is Mia's real first name?
(a) Amelia
(b) Millicent
(c) Maria
(d) Maya

12. What does Helen cook for breakfast to cheer up Mia?
(a) Vegetarian food
(b) Waffles
(c) Sweet rolls
(d) Cream of Wheat

13. Mia is upset when she fails to accomplish what task?
(a) Finish English assignment
(b) Write a script for Lilly
(c) Score 100% on a Star Wars quiz
(d) Remove cheat sheet from shoes

14. What is the topic of the test that causes Mia dread?
(a) Eastern Europe
(b) DNA
(c) Quadratic equations
(d) 18th century poetry

15. What is Mia's nickname for Mr. Gianini?
(a) The Math Whisperer
(b) Mr. Panini
(c) She doesn't have one for him
(d) Mr. G.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mia normally get to school?

2. From what ailment did Mia's father recover?

3. What/who is Crackhead?

4. When Michael is given a choice between two fictional characters, which one does he choose?

5. Who pays for the TV show?

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