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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lilly best known for?
(a) TV show
(b) Stock market prowess
(c) Skipping gym
(d) Skateboarding abilities

2. Which of the following is not one of Mia's father's names?
(a) Christoff
(b) Phillipe
(c) Jean
(d) Gérard

3. What is the name of Lilly's stalker?
(a) Norman
(b) David
(c) Frank
(d) Howard

4. Helen thinks a meeting between Mr. Giannini and Phillipe would be...
(a) Awkward
(b) Fortuitous
(c) Unnecessary
(d) Pointless

5. Mia tries out for a role in which play?
(a) South Pacific
(b) My Fair Lady
(c) Funnyface
(d) Our Town

6. What is the name of Mia's high school?
(a) Thomas Edison High School
(b) Woodrow Wilson Institute
(c) Albert Einstein High School
(d) Thomas Jefferson Secondary School

7. How does Mia get through to Michael?
(a) Walkie-talkie
(b) E-mail
(c) Phone call
(d) Instant message

8. During what period does Mia write in her journal the most?
(a) 3rd
(b) 5th
(c) 1st
(d) Lunch

9. What instrument does the object of Lilly's affections play?
(a) Violin
(b) Tuba
(c) Oboe
(d) Harmonica

10. The stalker is obsessed with what part of Lilly's anatomy?
(a) Hands
(b) Nose
(c) Ears
(d) Feet

11. Who pays for the TV show?
(a) Donations from supporters
(b) Lilly's parents
(c) Lilly
(d) Lilly's fan club

12. From what ailment did Mia's father recover?
(a) Mono
(b) ALS
(c) Pink Eye
(d) Testicular cancer

13. The stalker recently returned from:
(a) Military school
(b) Vacation
(c) College
(d) Hospital

14. What does Helen cook for breakfast to cheer up Mia?
(a) Cream of Wheat
(b) Vegetarian food
(c) Sweet rolls
(d) Waffles

15. What is the name of the class Mia shares with Lilly and her brother?
(a) Healthful Living
(b) Gym
(c) Gifted and Talented
(d) Homeroom

Short Answer Questions

1. When speaking to Mr. Gianini Mia threatens to:

2. What kind of sneakers does Mia wear?

3. What is Mia's name for her grandmother?

4. Mia is shocked to discover that Lilly is attracted to:

5. Lilly is vehemently opposed to:

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