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Tuesday, September 23-Tuesday, September 30

• Reader is introduced to the diary of Mia Thermopolis
• Mia is a freshman at Albert Einstein High School
• Mia is not popular and is often referred to as a freak.
• Reader meets the majority of major characters

• Mia's week is recounted

• Something strange is going on with Mia's father

Wednesday, October 1-Friday, October 3

• Mia's father arrives in New York

• Mia and her father have lunch at the Plaza
• Mia finds out that she is the Princess

• Mia freaks out
• Mia freaks out

• Mia hides in the penguin house at in Central Park
• Mia is afraid to tell Lilly the news

• Mia meets her bodyguard
• Lilly's stalker is discussed

• Lilly plans to torment her stalker against her parents' advice

Saturday, October 4-Tuesday, October 7

• Mia has a great time at Lilly's

• Lilly's parents are organized and responsible so Mia can relax

• Mia still doesn't confess
• Mia...

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