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William Goldman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Max doesn't get the formula right for the miracle pill, which means what?
(a) There will be a long delay before the pill takes effect.
(b) It'll work for only a half hour instead of an hour.
(c) The pill will work only until midnight.
(d) Westley will experience severe nausea.

2. When the Prince offers to send his four fastest ships in search of Westley's ship, what does he say each ship will carry?
(a) A written apology from the Prince.
(b) A letter from Buttercup.
(c) An order to return to the castle.
(d) A gift from Florin.

3. What hidden danger awaits intruders at the Zoo by the ornate green-handled door?
(a) Green-speckled recluse spider.
(b) Garden orb-weaving spider.
(c) Black widow.
(d) Wolf spider.

4. How do Buttercup, Westley, Fezzik, and Inigo get past Yellin and the Brute Squad?
(a) Inigo holds Yellin hostage until the four are granted safe passage.
(b) Westley's pirate friends show up to defeat the Squad.
(c) Fezzik intimidates everyone with his size and strength.
(d) As queen, Buttercup orders the Squad to go help Humperdinck.

5. Max covers the miracle pill with what?
(a) Cherry syrup.
(b) Coconut sprinkles.
(c) Candy shell.
(d) Chocolate coating.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Fezzik regains consciousness, what does he struggle to remember?

2. After using the torture machine on Westley for the first time, the Count says that it has taken how much time away from his life?

3. At the Zoo, how do Fezzik and Inigo get past the green-handled door?

4. Goldman claims that when he did the abridgment, he discovered what?

5. Why does Max finally agree to bring Westley back to life?

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