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William Goldman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Prince goes to the garden to plan a counterattack right after his wedding to Buttercup, who escorts her to the bedchamber?
(a) The Count and Countess.
(b) Vizzini.
(c) Yellin.
(d) The King and Queen.

2. When Buttercup has a nightmare about her own birth, what does the midwife say in her dream?
(a) Buttercup killed Westley.
(b) Buttercup is evil.
(c) The baby is dead.
(d) The baby is heartless.

3. Inigo and Fezzik give Westley the miracle pill when all of them are where?
(a) Thieves' quarters.
(b) Buttercup's room.
(c) Castle wall.
(d) Humperdinck's room.

4. Why does Fezzik burst into the fourth level of the Zoo without first scoping out the area?
(a) He's angry at Inigo.
(b) He's anxious to get to the Man in Black.
(c) He's worried the Prince is following them.
(d) He thinks he hears the Count.

5. When Yellin refuses to give up the gate key, Fezzik threatens to do what?
(a) Tie him to a tree.
(b) Rip off his arms.
(c) Throw him into the moat.
(d) Punch him in the face.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is it that Westley feels no pain when the Prince tortures him?

2. What happens to Inigo when he runs into a billiards room at the castle?

3. After the Count knocks the Man in Black unconscious, where does Westley wake up?

4. Why does Max place the end of a bellows into Westley's mouth?

5. How does Inigo react when he finds the Man in Black dead?

Short Essay Questions

1. Goldman's father always ended the book with, "And they lived happily ever after." But Goldman says he has his own theories about what happens after the escape from the castle. What are they?

2. What happens after Inigo and Fezzik find the Man in Black at the Zoo of Death?

3. How do Buttercup and Westley escape the castle?

4. Describe what Westley means when he tells Humperdinck they will not fight to the death, but instead will fight to the pain.

5. How do Inigo, Westley, and Fezzik gain access to the key that grants them entry into the castle?

6. In what way is the miracle pill defective?

7. Following her wedding to Humperdinck, what does Buttercup decide to do?

8. What happens at the moment Buttercup is about to kill herself with a dagger?

9. Summarize the deadly battle between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen.

10. What happens to Fezzik after he awakens following his battle with the Man in Black?

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