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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yellin refuses to give up the gate key, Fezzik threatens to do what?
(a) Throw him into the moat.
(b) Rip off his arms.
(c) Punch him in the face.
(d) Tie him to a tree.

2. When the Albino speaks for the first time to Westley, what does he say?
(a) He yells at Westley for mistreating the Prince.
(b) He tells Westley to chew on coca leaves to suppress the pain.
(c) He encourages Westley to tell the Prince what he wants to know.
(d) He laughs at Westley's stupidity.

3. How does a drunk and feisty Inigo recognize Fezzik?
(a) By his size.
(b) Through his laughter.
(c) By his secret code phrase.
(d) Through his rhymes.

4. As Fezzik and Inigo start to descend into the Zoo's second level, why is the Spaniard scared?
(a) Fezzik is frightened.
(b) He may find the Count here.
(c) They run into the albino.
(d) Giant spiderwebs are everywhere.

5. Goldman claims that when he did the abridgment, he discovered what?
(a) His father failed to mention that Humperdinck and Westley end up dueling.
(b) Inigo dies from his wounds and Fezzik sails away to Greenland.
(c) The four friends would have outrun the Brute Squad if it weren't for a series of unfortunate events.
(d) The book actually ends with the four friends captured and imprisoned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Goldman's father always concluded with the words "And they lived happily ever after" at what point in the story?

2. Max covers the miracle pill with what?

3. At the castle gate, who is astonished to see Westley alive?

4. When Fezzik finds Vizzini dead, what does he do?

5. What happens after an older woman ridicules Buttercup for leaving Westley in the Fire Swamp?

Short Essay Questions

1. To pacify Buttercup, what false offer does Humperdinck make regarding Westley and his pirate ship?

2. Describe the words exchanged between Westley and the albino when they finally have their first real conversation.

3. What do Fezzik and Inigo find at the first level of the Zoo of Death?

4. Who defeats the King bats at the Zoo of Death?

5. Goldman's father always ended the book with, "And they lived happily ever after." But Goldman says he has his own theories about what happens after the escape from the castle. What are they?

6. What happens at the moment Buttercup is about to kill herself with a dagger?

7. In what way is the miracle pill defective?

8. What happens when Count Rugen and several armed men find Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik inside the castle?

9. Describe what happens when Inigo and Fezzik reach the third level of the Zoo of Death.

10. Following her wedding to Humperdinck, what does Buttercup decide to do?

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