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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Buttercup and Westley pledge to outlive one another?
(a) So they are never separated again.
(b) Florin wedding vows always include this pledge.
(c) They're just teasing each other.
(d) So one can always protect the other.

2. What does Buttercup call Humperdinck the night before their wedding?
(a) A coward.
(b) Useless.
(c) Heartless.
(d) An imbecile.

3. When Max asks a mostly dead Westley what he has to live for, what response does he hear?
(a) Troo luv.
(b) High advenchoor.
(c) Wevenge.
(d) Buttwercup.

4. What happens to Fezzik in the castle while he's searching for Westley?
(a) He runs into Humperdinck.
(b) Guards capture him.
(c) He becomes lost.
(d) He finds Buttercup.

5. When Inigo regains consciousness and finds himself tied to a tree, he frees himself by using what?
(a) A sharp rock.
(b) His teeth.
(c) His sword.
(d) Hidden scissors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What hidden danger awaits intruders at the Zoo by the ornate green-handled door?

2. After Fezzik's and Inigo's reunion, how does the giant help the Spaniard?

3. When Westley awakens and finds himself chained, what does he hear?

4. After Fezzik and Inigo reunite, the fencer plots revenge against the Count and requires what from the Man in Black?

5. When the Prince goes to the garden to plan a counterattack right after his wedding to Buttercup, who escorts her to the bedchamber?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Westley means when he tells Humperdinck they will not fight to the death, but instead will fight to the pain.

2. How are Inigo and Fezzik reunited after the death of Vizzini?

3. Summarize the deadly battle between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen.

4. What happens to Fezzik after he awakens following his battle with the Man in Black?

5. How do Inigo, Westley, and Fezzik gain access to the key that grants them entry into the castle?

6. Why does Miracle Max agree to help Inigo and Fezzik in their attempt to bring their dead friend back to life?

7. Who defeats the King bats at the Zoo of Death?

8. What do Fezzik and Inigo find at the first level of the Zoo of Death?

9. Describe what happens when Inigo and Fezzik reach the third level of the Zoo of Death.

10. What happens when Buttercup realizes that Humperdinck never sent out his four fastest ships to search for Westley?

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