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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Inigo and Fezzik give Westley the miracle pill when all of them are where?
(a) Buttercup's room.
(b) Castle wall.
(c) Humperdinck's room.
(d) Thieves' quarters.

2. When Fezzik and Inigo reach the Zoo's fifth level, what meets them initially?
(a) A black bear.
(b) A bejeweled wall with hidden messages.
(c) A brightly lit room that appears empty.
(d) A swarm of mosquitoes.

3. After Westley explains to Humperdinck what fighting to the pain means, what does the Prince do?
(a) Calls the King.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Picks up his sword.
(d) Drops his sword.

4. In their quest to enter the castle, Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik work together, combining their what?
(a) Gold coins and stolen maps.
(b) Magic tricks and potions.
(c) Good luck, blind faith, and thieving ways.
(d) Strength, intellect, and dexterity.

5. When Buttercup has a nightmare about her own birth, what does the midwife say in her dream?
(a) Buttercup killed Westley.
(b) The baby is heartless.
(c) Buttercup is evil.
(d) The baby is dead.

6. Goldman's father always concluded with the words "And they lived happily ever after" at what point in the story?
(a) Right after Buttercup's and Westley's pledge.
(b) Right after Buttercup and Westley safely reach the Revenge.
(c) After the birth of Buttercup's and Westley's child.
(d) After Buttercup and Westley bid their new friends farewell.

7. Goldman claims that when he did the abridgment, he discovered what?
(a) The four friends would have outrun the Brute Squad if it weren't for a series of unfortunate events.
(b) The book actually ends with the four friends captured and imprisoned.
(c) His father failed to mention that Humperdinck and Westley end up dueling.
(d) Inigo dies from his wounds and Fezzik sails away to Greenland.

8. After Buttercup insults the Prince, what does he do?
(a) Pushes her down the stairs.
(b) Laughs at her.
(c) Insults her back.
(d) Locks her in her room.

9. What animals do Inigo and Fezzik find at the first level of the Zoo?
(a) Poisonous ones, including cobras and tarantulas.
(b) Swift ones, including cheetahs and hummingbirds.
(c) Creepy ones, including bats and centipedes.
(d) Large ones, including elephants and giraffes.

10. When Westley and Buttercup reunite in the castle, how much longer does the miracle pill have before it loses effect?
(a) Forty-five minutes.
(b) Thirty seconds.
(c) Fifteen minutes.
(d) Seven minutes.

11. What happens after an older woman ridicules Buttercup for leaving Westley in the Fire Swamp?
(a) Buttercup screams at the woman.
(b) The woman collapses to the ground.
(c) Buttercup wakes up.
(d) Guards seize the woman.

12. How does a drunk and feisty Inigo recognize Fezzik?
(a) By his secret code phrase.
(b) Through his rhymes.
(c) Through his laughter.
(d) By his size.

13. When Max asks a mostly dead Westley what he has to live for, what response does he hear?
(a) Wevenge.
(b) Buttwercup.
(c) High advenchoor.
(d) Troo luv.

14. When Fezzik regains consciousness, what does he struggle to remember?
(a) How he lost consciousness.
(b) What to do when separated from his friends.
(c) The names of his companions.
(d) Where he'd seen the Man in Black before.

15. With Inigo in pursuit of the Count, who has escaped through a door the Spaniard can't open, how does Fezzik assist?
(a) Breaks down the door.
(b) Encourages Inigo with rhymes.
(c) Blocks off the Count's escape route.
(d) Finds another passage.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Westley tells the Prince that they will fight to the pain, he explains that he will cut off many of Humperdinck's body parts, but leave his what?

2. When Westley tries to find out where he is, the albino does what?

3. Why does Fezzik burst into the fourth level of the Zoo without first scoping out the area?

4. As Inigo and Fezzik walk side by side through the Zoo with their arms around each other's shoulders for safety, Fezzik clenches his free fist while Inigo uses his free hand to what?

5. Who demands the gate key from Yellin as the three comrades try to enter the castle?

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