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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Westley, Buttercup, and Inigo look out the castle window, they see Fezzik with what?
(a) Four swords.
(b) Four horses.
(c) A wheelbarrow.
(d) A holocaust cloak.

2. When Westley tries to find out where he is, the albino does what?
(a) Cries.
(b) Slaps him.
(c) Tells him.
(d) Shrugs.

3. At the Zoo, how do Fezzik and Inigo get past the green-handled door?
(a) It opens mysteriously by itself.
(b) They find a secret key.
(c) Inigo presses a button with his sword.
(d) Fezzik smashes it down.

4. Why does Buttercup tell Humperdinck that if she must marry him, she will surely be dead by morning?
(a) She enjoys being a drama queen.
(b) She realizes she loves only Westley.
(c) She's trying to trick him into canceling the wedding.
(d) She has heard about his plot to kill her.

5. When the Prince offers to send his four fastest ships in search of Westley's ship, what does he say each ship will carry?
(a) A letter from Buttercup.
(b) A gift from Florin.
(c) An order to return to the castle.
(d) A written apology from the Prince.

6. As Fezzik and Inigo descend the stairwell of the Zoo's third level, what captures their free hands and their necks?
(a) Madagascar lemurs' tails.
(b) Squirrel monkeys' teeth.
(c) African Garstini snakes' coils.
(d) Indian elephants' trunks.

7. Why does Max place the end of a bellows into Westley's mouth?
(a) To clear out any negative energy.
(b) To get the truth out.
(c) To resuscitate the lungs.
(d) To look like he's doing something useful.

8. Max covers the miracle pill with what?
(a) Cherry syrup.
(b) Chocolate coating.
(c) Candy shell.
(d) Coconut sprinkles.

9. Why do Buttercup and Westley pledge to outlive one another?
(a) Florin wedding vows always include this pledge.
(b) So one can always protect the other.
(c) They're just teasing each other.
(d) So they are never separated again.

10. Who taunts Fezzik after he is separated from Inigo and finds Vizzini dead?
(a) The Count.
(b) Town girls.
(c) Village boys.
(d) The Man in Black.

11. After the Count sets Westley's hand on fire, who tends to his burns?
(a) Miracle Max.
(b) Valerie.
(c) Rugen.
(d) The Albino.

12. After Westley explains to Humperdinck what fighting to the pain means, what does the Prince do?
(a) Runs away.
(b) Calls the King.
(c) Drops his sword.
(d) Picks up his sword.

13. How does a drunk and feisty Inigo recognize Fezzik?
(a) Through his laughter.
(b) By his size.
(c) By his secret code phrase.
(d) Through his rhymes.

14. With Inigo in pursuit of the Count, who has escaped through a door the Spaniard can't open, how does Fezzik assist?
(a) Breaks down the door.
(b) Blocks off the Count's escape route.
(c) Finds another passage.
(d) Encourages Inigo with rhymes.

15. When Yellin refuses to give up the gate key, Fezzik threatens to do what?
(a) Rip off his arms.
(b) Tie him to a tree.
(c) Punch him in the face.
(d) Throw him into the moat.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Inigo and Fezzik walk side by side through the Zoo with their arms around each other's shoulders for safety, Fezzik clenches his free fist while Inigo uses his free hand to what?

2. What paralyzes Fezzik with fear in the Zoo's fourth level?

3. When Westley and Buttercup reunite in the castle, how much longer does the miracle pill have before it loses effect?

4. Inigo and Fezzik are reunited during what event?

5. When Fezzik regains consciousness, what does he struggle to remember?

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