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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Inigo and Fezzik take the Man in Black to Miracle Max, Inigo tries to make up a story. Max says what?
(a) Fezzik is intimidating.
(b) Inigo is a bad liar.
(c) He doesn't care what the real story is.
(d) He doesn't have time for hopeless cases.

2. What happens to Westley when the miracle pill stops working?
(a) He begins to cry.
(b) He falls dead, but then opens his eyes.
(c) He completely regains his strength.
(d) He forgets where he is.

3. Goldman claims that when he did the abridgment, he discovered what?
(a) The book actually ends with the four friends captured and imprisoned.
(b) Inigo dies from his wounds and Fezzik sails away to Greenland.
(c) The four friends would have outrun the Brute Squad if it weren't for a series of unfortunate events.
(d) His father failed to mention that Humperdinck and Westley end up dueling.

4. What two items does Westley request when he, Inigo, and Fezzik are trying to enter the castle?
(a) A wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak.
(b) A mirror and a box of matches.
(c) A sword and a shield.
(d) A torch and a multicolor coat.

5. After Westley explains to Humperdinck what fighting to the pain means, what does the Prince do?
(a) Picks up his sword.
(b) Calls the King.
(c) Runs away.
(d) Drops his sword.

6. When Inigo regains consciousness and finds himself tied to a tree, he frees himself by using what?
(a) His sword.
(b) His teeth.
(c) A sharp rock.
(d) Hidden scissors.

7. Westley, Fezzik, and Inigo break into the castle just moments after what happens?
(a) Guilder attacks.
(b) Rugen discovers Westley is missing.
(c) Humperdinck marries Buttercup.
(d) The King dies.

8. After the Count sets Westley's hand on fire, who tends to his burns?
(a) The Albino.
(b) Valerie.
(c) Rugen.
(d) Miracle Max.

9. What happens as soon as the miracle pill passes down Westley's throat?
(a) The three men are discovered.
(b) He begins talking.
(c) He begins convulsing.
(d) Absolutely nothing.

10. How does Fezzik get rid of the noisy brute who's trying to trick Inigo?
(a) Tricks him into thinking the Prince sent for him.
(b) Fights him and wins.
(c) Pushes him off the wall.
(d) Bonks him on the head.

11. What animals do Inigo and Fezzik find at the first level of the Zoo?
(a) Large ones, including elephants and giraffes.
(b) Creepy ones, including bats and centipedes.
(c) Poisonous ones, including cobras and tarantulas.
(d) Swift ones, including cheetahs and hummingbirds.

12. Why is Buttercup extremely calm right before her wedding?
(a) She has developed an escape plan.
(b) The Prince has drugged her.
(c) She doesn't realize the wedding is coming right up.
(d) She knows Westley will save her.

13. When the Prince goes to the garden to plan a counterattack right after his wedding to Buttercup, who escorts her to the bedchamber?
(a) The King and Queen.
(b) Yellin.
(c) Vizzini.
(d) The Count and Countess.

14. As Fezzik and Inigo descend the stairwell of the Zoo's third level, what captures their free hands and their necks?
(a) Madagascar lemurs' tails.
(b) Indian elephants' trunks.
(c) African Garstini snakes' coils.
(d) Squirrel monkeys' teeth.

15. After Fezzik and Inigo reunite, the fencer plots revenge against the Count and requires what from the Man in Black?
(a) His pirate ship.
(b) His inside knowledge of the castle grounds.
(c) His batallion of soldiers.
(d) His planning and leadership.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the castle gate, who is astonished to see Westley alive?

2. How does Inigo fight off the menaces of the Zoo's fourth level?

3. When the Prince offers to send his four fastest ships in search of Westley's ship, what does he say each ship will carry?

4. What does Buttercup realize when she talks to the Prince the night before their wedding?

5. Max doesn't get the formula right for the miracle pill, which means what?

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