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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Westley explains to Humperdinck what fighting to the pain means, what does the Prince do?
(a) Calls the King.
(b) Drops his sword.
(c) Runs away.
(d) Picks up his sword.

2. What happens when Fezzik and Inigo enter the Zoo's third level?
(a) Tigers try to attack, but can't get through the bars.
(b) The door closes behind them and candles go out.
(c) The albino warns them to leave now.
(d) They encounter the machine.

3. Once Buttercup is married to the Prince and realizes Westley is not coming for her, what does she decide to do?
(a) Kill herself.
(b) Live her life as a Princess.
(c) Leave to look for Westley.
(d) Run away.

4. When Inigo finally sees the Count face to face, what does he say?
(a) "I have been looking for you since the day you killed my father. Prepare to die by the sword of Inigo Montoya."
(b) "Hello. You do not remember me. I am the son of Domingo Montoya. Prepare to die."
(c) "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
(d) "You are not worthy to live. Today you shall die at the hands of Inigo Montoya."

5. At the Zoo, how do Fezzik and Inigo get past the green-handled door?
(a) They find a secret key.
(b) Fezzik smashes it down.
(c) It opens mysteriously by itself.
(d) Inigo presses a button with his sword.

6. Alone and defeated, where does Inigo go after he recalls the advice of Vizzini?
(a) Zoo of Death.
(b) Florin Castle.
(c) Thieves Quarter.
(d) Miracle Max's house.

7. When Westley tries to find out where he is, the albino does what?
(a) Tells him.
(b) Shrugs.
(c) Slaps him.
(d) Cries.

8. When Buttercup has a nightmare about her own birth, what does the midwife say in her dream?
(a) The baby is heartless.
(b) The baby is dead.
(c) Buttercup is evil.
(d) Buttercup killed Westley.

9. After using the torture machine on Westley for the first time, the Count asks how he feels. How does Westley respond?
(a) Faints.
(b) Laughs like a madman.
(c) Cries like a baby.
(d) Coughs.

10. Why does Fezzik burst into the fourth level of the Zoo without first scoping out the area?
(a) He thinks he hears the Count.
(b) He's angry at Inigo.
(c) He's anxious to get to the Man in Black.
(d) He's worried the Prince is following them.

11. Why do the men guarding the castle gate run away in panic as Fezzik approaches?
(a) The guards think he's a poltergeist.
(b) Through mirror tricks, it appears that ten giants are approaching.
(c) Fezzik claims to be the Dread Pirate Roberts.
(d) Fezzik is shooting off dangerous firecrackers.

12. After Buttercup insults the Prince, what does he do?
(a) Pushes her down the stairs.
(b) Laughs at her.
(c) Locks her in her room.
(d) Insults her back.

13. After the Count sets Westley's hand on fire, who tends to his burns?
(a) The Albino.
(b) Miracle Max.
(c) Rugen.
(d) Valerie.

14. When the Prince offers to send his four fastest ships in search of Westley's ship, what does he say each ship will carry?
(a) A written apology from the Prince.
(b) A gift from Florin.
(c) A letter from Buttercup.
(d) An order to return to the castle.

15. When Fezzik and Inigo reach the Zoo's fifth level, what meets them initially?
(a) A black bear.
(b) A bejeweled wall with hidden messages.
(c) A brightly lit room that appears empty.
(d) A swarm of mosquitoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Inigo's initial reaction when the Count turns and runs away from him?

2. What does Fezzik inform Inigo about the six-fingered man?

3. After the Count knocks the Man in Black unconscious, where does Westley wake up?

4. What happens as soon as the miracle pill passes down Westley's throat?

5. When Inigo regains consciousness and finds himself tied to a tree, he frees himself by using what?

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