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William Goldman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Jason?
(a) Author's uncle.
(b) Author's father.
(c) Author's pen name.
(d) Author's son.

2. What is the purpose of the Zoo of Death?
(a) To use as a secret prison for enemy spies.
(b) To house animals for Humperdinck's hunting pleasure.
(c) To house animals for Humperdinck's eating pleasure.
(d) To use as a public torture chamber for the prince's betrayers.

3. After the author recovered from his childhood episode, what did he crave?
(a) Music.
(b) Snow.
(c) Sandwiches.
(d) Books.

4. What did the author realize about the manner in which his relative shared the story with him?
(a) Recited it by memory.
(b) Kept only the action parts.
(c) The delivery was overly theatrical.
(d) Made up most of it.

5. Inigo's father is a master craftsman who makes what?
(a) Swords.
(b) Tables.
(c) Shields.
(d) Saddles.

6. The Prince tells the Count to place the Man in Black where?
(a) Cave of Despair.
(b) Throne of Delusions.
(c) Chamber of Darkness.
(d) Zoo of Death.

7. Buttercup doesn't care about her image and doesn't like to what?
(a) Cook.
(b) Talk to people.
(c) Bathe or comb her hair.
(d) Wear dresses.

8. When Fezzik fights professionally, he usually is what?
(a) Let's the other guy win.
(b) Booed.
(c) Cheered.
(d) Loses.

9. How does the Man in Black win the fight against Fezzik?
(a) By taking him by the throat.
(b) By poisoning him.
(c) By coming up with a better rhyme.
(d) By moving so quickly that the giant tires and falls asleep.

10. The Prince announces that his wedding to Buttercup will take place on what occasion?
(a) The 500th anniversary of Florin.
(b) Her birthday.
(c) His birthday.
(d) His parents' 60th wedding anniversary.

11. Why are other girls NOT talking to Buttercup when she turns sixteen?
(a) They are jealous of her.
(b) They think she's ugly.
(c) She smells bad.
(d) She's too stuck up.

12. When the Prince and the Count reach the place where Buttercup and the Man in Black have fallen down the ravine, Humperdinck notes how odd it is for such a master to flee in what?
(a) Such a hurry.
(b) A ravine that leads to the Fire Swamp.
(c) A place that is so easily accessible.
(d) A ravine that has no outlet.

13. What does the Man in Black pour into two wine goblets?
(a) Novocaine drops.
(b) Iocane powder.
(c) Sugarcane powder.
(d) Iodine drops.

14. Why is Westley leaving for America?
(a) He was invited to travel to America with the Countess.
(b) He is tired of being abused and wishes to start over in America.
(c) Buttercup has broken his heart.
(d) He wants to seek his fortune to build a life for himself and Buttercup.

15. Whenever Dread Pirate Roberts' ship is passed down to a successor, what happens?
(a) The ship is painted a different color.
(b) The ship is renamed.
(c) The existing crew is brainwashed.
(d) A new crew is brought aboard.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the boat reaches the Cliffs of Insanity, what does the Spaniard note?

2. While the author's family was in New York, where was he?

3. As a child, the author was what?

4. How old is Buttercup when she is introduced to the people of Florin City?

5. How old is Inigo when the six-fingered man kills his father?

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