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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two, The Groom; Chapter Three, The Courtship; Chapter Four, The Preparations.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Prince Humperdinck?
(a) Exiled prince of Guilder.
(b) Ruler of Guilder.
(c) Ruler of Florin.
(d) Exiled prince of Florin.

2. Why is Prince Humperdinck upset when he learns that King Lotharon is dying?
(a) The Prince is not yet ready to rule the land.
(b) The Prince will miss the King greatly.
(c) The King's funeral will get in the way of the Prince's hunting expedition.
(d) The Prince must now marry, but he doesn't want to.

3. What happens to Westley's ship off the coast of America?
(a) It disappears in a hurricane.
(b) It's attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts.
(c) It's stopped by the Coast Guard and sent back.
(d) It hits a rocky protrusion and sinks.

4. Short and stocky, Prince Humperdinck walks like a what?
(a) Gorilla.
(b) Flamingo.
(c) Cat.
(d) Crab.

5. Who is Count Rugen?
(a) Rich man who spies on Humperdinck.
(b) Close friend of Prince Humperdinck.
(c) Rich man who spies on the farm boy.
(d) Close friend of the farm boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Buttercup grow upset with the Countess?

2. How did the author's relative entertain him during his recovery period?

3. What did the author realize about the manner in which his relative shared the story with him?

4. How many levels is the Zoo of Death composed of?

5. For years, the author heard The Princess Bride being told in the voice of his what?

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