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Lesson 1 (from The Princess Bride)


The Princess Bride

The story is a satirical fairytale. The objective of this lesson is to realize that, despite what the author claims in the opening, virtually everything he writes is fictitious.


1. Class Discussion: Who is the author of this book? Why does he claim that S. Morgenstern wrote "The Princess Bride"? Is Morgenstern a real author or a fictitious character? What does Goldman claim is his own role with the book? What is Goldman's true role?

2. Written Assignment: Summarize what Goldman writes regarding how he first came across "The Princess Bride" and how it spawned in him a love of reading.

3. Small Group Activity: Discuss what Goldman says led him to abridge "The Princess Bride." Why does he give his son a copy of "The Princess Bride"? How does he come to realize that his son doesn't finish the book? What does Goldman discover...

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