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Love Poem

Write a poem in tribute to the love shared by Westley and Buttercup. Make it serious, romantic, funny -- your choice!

Satirical Fairy Tale

"The Princess Bride" is a satirical fairy tale. It's your turn -- write a short fairy tale where satire is the most prevalent element.

Using the names of people, places, and props found in the story, create your own word search puzzle.

Alternate Ending

If you had the chance, would you write a different ending? All right, here's your chance. Write your very own ending for "The Princess Bride." Have fun!

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry for one of the characters in "The Princess Bride". Include humor, angst, whimsy, or anything else you like.

Draw A Map

Create a map of Florin, using places named in the book. Include Florin Channel, the Cliffs of Insanity, the Fire Swamp, the...

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