The Princess Bride Character Descriptions

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This character, whose favorite activities are horseback riding and tormenting a particular farm worker, is born to a pair of poor farmers.

Farm Boy/Westley/Man in Black/Dread Pirate Roberts

This character, considered the hero of the story, undergoes several transformations, from farm hand to sea rogue.

Inigo Montoya

This character is the child of a sword maker who grows up to seek revenge against the six-fingered man.


This character is a gentle giant who enjoys rhymes and is a natural follower.

Prince Humperdinck

This character enjoys waging war on neighboring countries and loves the thrill of the hunt.

Count Rugen/Six-Fingered Man

This cold-hearted, brutal character is writing a book about the effects of pain and how much pain a person can tolerate.


This cunning, bold character is a brilliant mastermind who enjoys torturing others and is hired to stage a war.

Miracle Max and Valerie

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