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The Princess Bride

• As a child, the author William Goldman does not excel in sports, and instead escapes into his vivid imagination.

• When William catches pneumonia in 1941, his father, who works long hours to provide for his family, reads him "The Princess Bride."

• After he recovers, William becomes obsessed with books.

• As an adult, William wants to get a copy of the book to give to his son for his tenth birthday.
• The author realizes that his son, Jason, doesn't actually read the book.

• When William looks through it, he realizes why: it's too difficult.

• William realizes that his father read him only the good parts.

• He sets out to rewrite The Princess Bride, keeping only the interesting scenes.

• William's goal is to pass along his two childhood ideals, true love and high adventure, to the reader.

Chapter One, The Bride

• Buttercup, the daughter of farmers, is not...

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