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Shannon Hale
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-one and Chapter Twenty-two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes the girls feel small and insignificant?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Olanda's telling them about royalty.
(c) A group of nobles who come and tour the academy.
(d) Their newfound knowledge of Danland.

2. With what does Miri experiment as she thinks about what Peder says mining linder is like?
(a) Reading backwards.
(b) Feeling the vibrations in the stone at the academy.
(c) Quarry-speech.
(d) Singing her reading lessons.

3. Why does Katar step in at the last minute?
(a) She feels sorry for Miri.
(b) Self interest.
(c) To impress one of the village boys who walked to the academy with the girls.
(d) She feels sorry for Olana.

4. What does Peder say mining linder is like?
(a) Singing along with the mountain.
(b) Like flowing in a white light of particles.
(c) Like nothing else exists.
(d) Being inside a dark abyss.

5. What does Olana never let the girls forget?
(a) Olana sacrificed a year of her life to help them.
(b) They are less than citizens in Danland.
(c) They will never be able to live in their village again and be happy.
(d) One will someday be queen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Miri receive from Peder?

2. What do the bandits feed the girls?

3. Why do the bandits stay in the school?

4. What does Miri present to Olana?

5. With whom does Miri decide to try out her quarry-speech?

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