Objects & Places from Princess Academy

Shannon Hale
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Mount Eskel

This is the place that Miri and the other villagers call home.


This is the stone that allows the villagers their livelihood.

The Academy

This is the place the village girls go to get their education in preparation for meeting the prince.

The Silver Gown

This is the garment that Olana uses as incentive for the girls to become academy princess.


These objects were formerly of little interest to Miri, but become invaluable after she and the others learn to read.

The linder hawk

This is given to Miri from Peder, and helps save her in the fight against Dan and the bandits.


Miri tries to get Enrik to trade for more than last season, though she must content herself only with some extra of this object.

The Closet

This is where Olana sends girls who have misbehaved.


This is the capitol...

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