Princess Academy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Shannon Hale
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Chapter One and Chapter Two

• Miri wakes early and plans to go to the Linder mine to prepare for the traders' arrival. Her father will not let her go.

• Miri is determined to trade with Enrik, who is stingy. She has never been allowed to the Linder mine and does not know why.

• Linder is the village's natural resource for trade to the lowlanders. Quarry speech is used for talking inside the noisy mines.

• Miri's mother died about a week after she was born. She has always been friends with Peder Doterson but feels shy around him now.

• The traders come and Liana and Bena, both of whom Miri believes are prettier than her, wave Peder over to them.
• A messenger announces that the priests have determined the Prince's bride will come from Mount Eskel.

• All the girls in the village are to attend a princess academy and...

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