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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of principality does Machiavelli claim may be kept without talent or fortune?
(a) Absolute monarchy.
(b) Monastic.
(c) Hereditary.
(d) Ecclesiastical.

2. What factor does Machiavelli suggest makes it easier to rule a new territory?
(a) If the people have never been ruled before.
(b) If the people like the new food introduced into the dominion.
(c) If the new Prince leaves the old rulers in place.
(d) If the people speak the same language.

3. What combination of circumstances does Machiavelli identify in men like Cyrus, Romulus, and Theseus?
(a) Time and location.
(b) Pride and ability.
(c) Strength and fortitude.
(d) Opportunity and merit.

4. Machiavelli says that tensions between the nobles and commoners may result in a principality, a republic, or what other condition?
(a) Anarchy.
(b) Indifference.
(c) Heavy taxation.
(d) Democracy.

5. Why does Machiavelli insist that hereditary princedoms are more easily maintained?
(a) All people everywhere actually prefer a prince.
(b) The people are already familiar with that form of government.
(c) The prince changes things often at his own whim.
(d) The prince has more power than a republic.

6. Why does Machiavelli not discuss democracies?
(a) He considered them inferior.
(b) He called democracy by another name.
(c) None existed at that time.
(d) He rejected the idea outright as a madness of the Greeks.

7. Cesare Borgia was helped in his drive for power by his father. Who was he?
(a) King Luis XII of France.
(b) Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.
(c) Pope Alexander IV.
(d) The military head of the Orsini.

8. Aside from granting favors to his subjects during a siege, what does Machiavelli suggest a wise prince might do?
(a) Get his subjects to do favors for him.
(b) Make promises he knows he could never keep.
(c) Have parties within the walls as though nothing is wrong outside.
(d) Bribe his nobles to help him.

9. In the event that the prince cannot afford a large army, what should he do?
(a) Have a good plan to escape if attacked.
(b) Make sure his city is well fortified.
(c) Negotiate diplomatically with any potential enemies.
(d) Post lookouts in the countryside.

10. What reasons does Machiavelli put forward to get Prince Lorenzo to read his book?
(a) Experience and his ability as a writer.
(b) Experience and his low-born status.
(c) Experience and his personal need.
(d) Experience and the absence of flattery.

11. After Alexander VI, how did the Pope continue to strengthen the Church's position?
(a) By gaining more popularity among the Italians.
(b) By military invasions of other dominions.
(c) By putting monasteries in new dominions.
(d) By selling ecclesiastical offices and annexing land.

12. What, according to Machiavelli, will always make a prince's position insecure?
(a) Relying on mercenary or auxiliary military forces.
(b) Putting too much emphasis on military rule.
(c) Being in control of the military.
(d) Failure to spend the money for a mercenary military.

13. Why did Machiavelli say that Italy has been overrun by Charles, plundered by Louis, ravished by Ferdinand, and dishonored by the Swiss?
(a) Because it has no central government.
(b) Because the Italians have forgotten the military methods of the Roman Empire.
(c) Because too many people are in charge of the military.
(d) Because it has had only a mercenary military.

14. What does Machiavelli say are the two foundations necessary for a princedom?
(a) Sound laws that do not rely on a military.
(b) Sound laws and a sound military.
(c) A popular prince and a mercenary military.
(d) Total military rule and a contented public.

15. What is Machiavelli offering the Prince Lorenzo de Medici?
(a) A large book of rules for new princes to use in governing the people.
(b) The chance to become king of all Italy.
(c) Means of mastering in a short time all Machiavelli has learned about governing.
(d) Personal introductions to great men Machiavelli knows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Machiavelli suggest is the best solution for governing a new territory?

2. Citing Moses, Cyrus, Romulus, and Theseus, what distinction does Machiavelli make about Moses?

3. What was Cesare Borgia's greatest mistake according to Machiavelli?

4. What is Machiavelli removing from the political thinking during a time when the Roman Catholic Church was still appointing Emperors?

5. Aside from humble beginnings, what does Machiavelli say that Agathocles and Oliverotto have in common?

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