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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Medici come to power?
(a) Through democratic elections.
(b) Through war.
(c) Through clever political manipulation.
(d) Through inheritance.

2. What does Machiavelli see as the problem with barons?
(a) The people do not understand the difference between a prince and a baron.
(b) Barons can do only what the prince orders.
(c) The people tend to give more aligeance to the barrons than to the prince.
(d) Barons are known for being cruel and causing trouble.

3. Who does Machiavelli say should always be in charge of the troops in a princedom?
(a) A well paid mercenary captain.
(b) A trusted civilian commander.
(c) A relative of the prince.
(d) The prince himself.

4. What reasons does Machiavelli put forward to get Prince Lorenzo to read his book?
(a) Experience and his personal need.
(b) Experience and his ability as a writer.
(c) Experience and the absence of flattery.
(d) Experience and his low-born status.

5. In the event that the prince cannot afford a large army, what should he do?
(a) Negotiate diplomatically with any potential enemies.
(b) Have a good plan to escape if attacked.
(c) Post lookouts in the countryside.
(d) Make sure his city is well fortified.

6. What example does Machiavelli give of a prince who had the support of his people and was able to withstand invasion?
(a) Gracci of Rome.
(b) Giorgio Scalli of Florence.
(c) Nabis, Prince of Sparta.
(d) Cesar Borgia of Romagna.

7. What are the two types of government identified by Machiavelli?
(a) State and Dominion.
(b) City State and Territory.
(c) State and Republic.
(d) Kingdom and City State.

8. In acquiring a new dominion, if the prince does not use the force of his own arms, what alternative does Machiavelli suggest?
(a) Free elections.
(b) Political intrigue.
(c) The arms of others.
(d) Appeals to the Pope of Rome.

9. What is it that Machiavelli refrains from doing in his book?
(a) Giving only the facts of great leaders and how they governed.
(b) Using high sounding literary devices to make the work seem more important.
(c) Using language of respect that is usually spoken before a prince.
(d) Making everything brief in his writing so that main points are missed.

10. Who was responsible for weakening the power of Colonna and Orsini, the barons of Rome?
(a) Remiro d'Orco.
(b) Charles VIII of France.
(c) King Louis VII.
(d) Cesare Borgia.

11. How does Machiavelli define a new princedom or dominion?
(a) One that is an entirely new settlement.
(b) One that does not come from a long line of ruling ancestors.
(c) One that comes from political intrigue.
(d) One that kills all the citizens of the old regime.

12. Why did Machiavelli say that Italy has been overrun by Charles, plundered by Louis, ravished by Ferdinand, and dishonored by the Swiss?
(a) Because it has no central government.
(b) Because the Italians have forgotten the military methods of the Roman Empire.
(c) Because it has had only a mercenary military.
(d) Because too many people are in charge of the military.

13. Before Pope Alexander VI, what prevented the Church from gaining even more power?
(a) The commercial power of the Venetians.
(b) The threat of invasion by France.
(c) The separation of Church and State.
(d) Wars fought between the Colonna, the Orsini and the Pope.

14. What can deprive a prince of his princedom?
(a) Extrodinary and irresistable force.
(b) Disagreements within a family of hereditary rulers.
(c) Revolution among the lowest class of subjects.
(d) Public elections.

15. Why does Machiavelli not discuss democracies?
(a) He rejected the idea outright as a madness of the Greeks.
(b) None existed at that time.
(c) He considered them inferior.
(d) He called democracy by another name.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Machiavelli suggest is the best solution for governing a new territory?

2. Why does Machiavelli say that Prince Lorenzo should not be surprised at what he is saying about new princedoms?

3. After gaining dominions by merit, how does Machiavelli say a prince can hold his new territories?

4. What does Machiavelli suggest makes for peace in a dominion?

5. What is Machiavelli removing from the political thinking during a time when the Roman Catholic Church was still appointing Emperors?

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