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Agathocles the Sicilian

A man who lived from 361 BC to 289 BC. He came from humble beginnings and attained his political control through crime.

Alexander the Great

A Macedonian ruler in the fourth century BC who used the principles of divide and conquer in ruling countries he had defeated.

Pope Alexander VI

The father of Cesare Borgia whose astute political decisions accounted for his rise to power.

Cesare Borgia

Set four major benchmarks for any new ruler: (1) eliminating all challengers to the throne; (2) gaining the favor of the powers in Rome, especially the Pope; (3) winning the support of the College of Cardinals; and (4) defeating his enemies quickly and efficiently


Great prince who delivered his people out from under servitude to the Egyptians.

Charles VIII

The French king who led the successful invasion against Italy in 1494, forcing the Medici family to relinquish their control of Florence.

Liverotto da Fermo

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