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Short Answer Questions

1. Tom wonders why Susan told him she thought her husband _________________.

2. Who does Henry bring with him to the game?

3. Where does Tom meet Sallie?

4. Why has Tom not seen Savannah the last three years?

5. Who takes a stand for Benji before the football game against North Charleston?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the ramifications of the divorce proceedings?

2. Why does Tom find the map on Reese Newbury's wall disconcerting?

3. What feelings do the townspeople have toward Amos?

4. What does Tom suspect about Amos' Good Friday walk?

5. What does Tom admit is even worse than the story of his family's attack?

6. How does the town react to "The Amberjack's" presence?

7. What does Henry's visit to Tom in this chapter reveal about Henry's character?

8. Why does Henry help "The Amberjack"?

9. How does Tom ironically avenge Herbert's rude behavior?

10. What plans do the Wingo children have after graduation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the dramatic irony of Dr. Lowenstein's personal circumstances while treating Savannah. How is her own marriage and family an ironic counterpoint to the narrative Tom is sharing with her about his family?

Essay Topic 2

A major idea in the novel is the concept of transformation. In fact, many of the characters in the novel undergo a transformation or reinvention throughout the course of the novel.

Choose ONE of the following characters and explore the details and significance of his or her transformation. Be sure to include specific and relevant evidence from the text as you develop your response.

A.) Tom.

B.) Savannah.

C.) Luke.

D.) Henry.

E.) Lila.

F.) Susan.

G.) Bernard.

Essay Topic 3

In 1906, George Santayana penned the famous line, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (from "The Life of Reason"). Does Conroy's novel support or refute this assertion?

Write a critical lens essay in which you interpret Santayana's quote, agree or disagree with the quotation as you have interpreted it, and provide evidence in the form of specific literary techniques from the text to support your answer.

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