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Short Answer Questions

1. What do we learn is Dr. Lowenstein's first name?

2. What does Tom really think of Bernard?

3. Tom's story is set against the backdrop of which war?

4. How would you characterize Tom's initial behavior towards Dr. Lowenstein?

5. What does Tom do while waiting for Bernard in Central Park?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the story of Lila's quest to win the Colleton League cookbook contest reveal about her character?

2. Who is the Prince of Tides?

3. Why does Tom punch Todd Newbury, and what does this reveal or suggest about Tom?

4. Why does Tom suggest that football is a good thing for the unhappy Bernard?

5. How does Dr. Lowenstein perceive Lila in Chapter Six?

6. How does Lila feel about Henry's profession as a shrimper?

7. What does the robbery that Luke witnesses in New York show us about the city?

8. What kind of family does the Prologue portray?

9. Why does Tom feel Grandma Tolitha returns to Grandpa Wingo?

10. Why doesn't Lila want the children to tell their father about the man called "Callanwolde"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Located off the coast of South Carolina, Melrose Island is the backdrop for much of Tom's story. Discuss the significance of this primary setting in the novel. What importance does it hold for the various characters in the novel? What larger ideas does Melrose Island represent? Be sure to develop your response with explicit and implicit evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 2

What role do racism and bigotry play in the novel? Discuss specific examples of racism and bigotry in the novel and how it affects the overall ideas presented in the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

While the novel contains Tom's narrative of his family history, the title of the novel is based on a poem written by Savannah. Discuss the significance of the novel's title. Who is the Prince of Tides? Support your answer with specific examples and reasoning from the text.

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