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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Wingo family react to the last still born, Rose Ann?

2. Which of the following does Tom NOT call attention to during his formative years?

3. What does Lila teach her children to do?

4. Why is Dr. Lowenstein's son alienated from his father?

5. How many different types of Wingos are there according to Tom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tom feel Grandma Tolitha returns to Grandpa Wingo?

2. How does Dr. Lowenstein perceive Lila in Chapter Six?

3. How does the fury of the storm echo the plight of Lila Wingo?

4. How would you describe Lila Wingo?

5. Why does Tom suggest that football is a good thing for the unhappy Bernard?

6. Who is the Prince of Tides?

7. What does the robbery that Luke witnesses in New York show us about the city?

8. Why does Tom punch Todd Newbury, and what does this reveal or suggest about Tom?

9. How does Tom turn the tables on Bernard?

10. How does Tom explain the recording of Savannah's psychotic seizure?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the prevailing ideas of the novel is the concept of dualism; of two sides to the same subject or character. Conroy often develops this duality by placing pairs of characters in stark comparison or contrast to each other to illuminate a concept about either persona or both of them.

Choose ONE of the following pairs of characters and write a compare and contrast essay about them. Be sure to use specific and relevant details from the text. Remember also to analyze the significance, consequence, or reason for the author's juxtaposition of these two figures.

A.) Tom and Savannah.

B.) Grandpa Wingo and Tolitha.

C.) Henry and Lila.

D.) Bernard and Savannah.

E.) Susan and Tom.

F.) Herbert and Lila.

G.) Amos and Luke.

H.) Luke and Henry.

Essay Topic 2

Located off the coast of South Carolina, Melrose Island is the backdrop for much of Tom's story. Discuss the significance of this primary setting in the novel. What importance does it hold for the various characters in the novel? What larger ideas does Melrose Island represent? Be sure to develop your response with explicit and implicit evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 3

A major motif throughout the novel is the pattern of hiding. Many of the characters are consciously or unconsciously hiding something about themselves, about their pasts, or about their family. As the novel progresses, each of these characters is given the opportunity to reveal the truth that he or she has been hiding or to conceal it further.

Choose ONE of the following characters and discuss how he or she participates in this motif. What is the character hiding? Is the concealment intentional or accidental? Does the character ever reveal this truth? What are the ramifications of the character's decision to disclose the secret or continue hiding it?

A.) Tom.

B.) Lila.

C.) Henry.

D.) Savannah.

E.) Bernard.

F.) Susan.

G.) Luke.

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