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Short Answer Questions

1. Tom is correct in guessing that ______________.

2. What does Tom really think of Bernard?

3. How does Henry initially present himself to Lila?

4. What does Ruby Blankenship offer the children?

5. What does Lila do after finding Savannah's journal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tom punch Todd Newbury, and what does this reveal or suggest about Tom?

2. How does Lila feel about Henry's profession as a shrimper?

3. What is the topic of Savannah's poetry?

4. Why does Tom suggest that football is a good thing for the unhappy Bernard?

5. What is the significance of the game Tom plays with his daughters?

6. How does the fury of the storm echo the plight of Lila Wingo?

7. How does the Prologue present the father of the Wingo children?

8. How does Tom explain the recording of Savannah's psychotic seizure?

9. How does Tom turn the tables on Bernard?

10. Who is the Prince of Tides?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is one character in the novel who plays a very small but powerful role in the lives of the Wingos: the name known by the children as "Callanwolde." What do we know about this persona? What might he represent? What role does his presence play in the larger narrative?

Write an essay that explores this character and analyzes how he exemplifies the pain and trauma in the lives of the Wingo family. Be sure to make clear and specific references to the text as well as literary techniques (symbolism, imagery, figurative language, etc.) as you develop your response.

Essay Topic 2

A major idea in the novel is the concept of transformation. In fact, many of the characters in the novel undergo a transformation or reinvention throughout the course of the novel.

Choose ONE of the following characters and explore the details and significance of his or her transformation. Be sure to include specific and relevant evidence from the text as you develop your response.

A.) Tom.

B.) Savannah.

C.) Luke.

D.) Henry.

E.) Lila.

F.) Susan.

G.) Bernard.

Essay Topic 3

A theme and concern among many Southern writers is the collapse of the "Old South." William Faulkner, for example, dealt with this issue numerous times in his novels and short stories. Pat Conroy also seems to be making a statement about the South and its destruction through the traumatic events of the Wingo children.

Write a thematic essay in which you trace Conroy's treatment of the South and its collapse throughout the novel. Some questions to consider are: What seems to be the author's view of the South? How does he represent the South throughout his narrative? Does the end of the novel seem indicative of a resurrection of the Old South or are the traditions and ways of the past lost forever in the wake of progress and development?

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