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Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Tom and Luke awakened in the middle of the night while visiting Savannah in New York in Chapter Two?

2. Henry tries which of the following plots to make money?

3. Where are Tom and Dr. Lowenstein at the start of Chapter Six?

4. What does Tom really think of Bernard?

5. Where does Lila go to reinvent herself?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Prologue present the father of the Wingo children?

2. How does the phone call contrast with the idyllic opening of Chapter 1?

3. Who is the Prince of Tides?

4. What is the topic of Savannah's poetry?

5. How does the death of Rose Ann reveal the nature of the Wingo parents?

6. How does Tom turn the tables on Bernard?

7. What is one of the benefits of Tom's extraordinary childhood?

8. What kind of family does the Prologue portray?

9. How has coaching Bernard helped Tom?

10. How does Lila react to Henry's buying a tiger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The game of football plays a major role in the lives and events of several characters throughout the novel. Discuss the role of football in the novel. What part does it play in the text? Be sure to examine at least three different accounts of football from the narrative as you develop your thesis about the significance of this sport in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the dramatic irony of Dr. Lowenstein's personal circumstances while treating Savannah. How is her own marriage and family an ironic counterpoint to the narrative Tom is sharing with her about his family?

Essay Topic 3

Tom spends much of his narrative delving into the lives and experiences of his parents and even grandparents. In fact, Dr. Lowenstein is occasionally frustrated by Tom's refusal to speak exclusively about her patient, Savannah, but Tom persists that in speaking about these seemingly tangential anecdotes, he is in fact providing insight into Savannah's character. Consequently, each of the Wingo children are an amalgamation of various influences and traits of their parents and grandparents.

Choose ONE of the following Wingo children and examine their character in terms of the influences he or she exemplifies from the Wingo parents and/or grandparents (Henry, Lila, Tolitha, Amos). You may write about one of these character's exclusive influence on one of the Wingo children or you may discuss how several or even all of these characters influenced the lives and actions of one of the Wingo children.

A.) Tom.

B.) Savannah.

C.) Luke.

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