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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lila go to reinvent herself?

2. Why might Conroy have included the scene with Tolitha's coffin in Chapter Eight?

3. How has Savannah responded to Tom's letters, according to Dr. Lowenstein?

4. Which of the following characters dies during the storm?

5. How do Savannah and Tom feel about their father during their teenage years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the topic of Savannah's poetry?

2. Why does Henry covert to Catholicism?

3. How does Lila react to the news of Tom's actions against Todd?

4. How does the phone call contrast with the idyllic opening of Chapter 1?

5. How does Lila feel about Henry's profession as a shrimper?

6. How has coaching Bernard helped Tom?

7. Why does Tom suggest that football is a good thing for the unhappy Bernard?

8. Who is the Prince of Tides?

9. How does the death of Rose Ann reveal the nature of the Wingo parents?

10. How does Lila react to Henry's buying a tiger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role do racism and bigotry play in the novel? Discuss specific examples of racism and bigotry in the novel and how it affects the overall ideas presented in the narrative.

Essay Topic 2

The essence of any drama, especially the Wingo family drama, is conflict. Choose ONE of the following characters and discuss the major conflicts and obstacles he or she seeks to overcome throughout the novel. Does he or she succeed? What is the prevailing conflict in his or her path to healing? How does the struggle and tension produced by this conflict change this character?

A.) Tom.

B.) Luke.

C.) Savannah.

D.) Lila.

E.) Susan.

F.) Henry.

Essay Topic 3

A major idea in the novel is the concept of transformation. In fact, many of the characters in the novel undergo a transformation or reinvention throughout the course of the novel.

Choose ONE of the following characters and explore the details and significance of his or her transformation. Be sure to include specific and relevant evidence from the text as you develop your response.

A.) Tom.

B.) Savannah.

C.) Luke.

D.) Henry.

E.) Lila.

F.) Susan.

G.) Bernard.

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