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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry light a candle at the statue of the Infant of Prague?
(a) For the Swiss family whose house was destroyed for haboring Henry.
(b) For the farm woman who was beaten for feeding Henry.
(c) For the old priest who was hung for helping Henry.
(d) For his family, whom Henry misses very much.

2. Who or what is "Callanwolde"?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) It is the buzz word used by the children to indicate any kind of danger.
(c) It is the woods around the Chandler estate.
(d) It is one of the words Savannah repeats on Dr. Lowenstein's recording.

3. What does Tom's wife blurt out to elicit an emotional response from Tom as they walk along the beach in Chapter One?
(a) She confesses she is having an affair.
(b) She tells Tom that she never loved him.
(c) She chastises Tom for being a horrible provider.
(d) She begs Tom to spend more time with the children.

4. According to Tom, which character seems to be the most caring person in the children's lives?
(a) Lila.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Papa John.
(d) Tolitha.

5. Which of the following types of imagery dominates the Prologue?
(a) Farms and countrysides.
(b) Flowers, landscapes, and horizons.
(c) City streets and tall buildings.
(d) Fish, flora, and sunsets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do we learn about Lila's father in Chapter Eleven?

2. How would you characterize Bernard's attitude in his first meeting with Tom?

3. Tom recounts that, while growing up, the Wingo children had no idea ______________.

4. Why does Isabel Newbury leave Tom and his mother standing on the porch?

5. What does Tom say that Grandmother Tolitha did immediately following Papa John's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Lila want the children to tell their father about the man called "Callanwolde"?

2. How does the Prologue present the father of the Wingo children?

3. What is the significance of the game Tom plays with his daughters?

4. How does Lila feel about Henry's profession as a shrimper?

5. How does the fury of the storm echo the plight of Lila Wingo?

6. How has coaching Bernard helped Tom?

7. Why does Tom suggest that football is a good thing for the unhappy Bernard?

8. What is curious about Tolitha and Amos having Henry for a son?

9. How does Tom explain the recording of Savannah's psychotic seizure?

10. What is the topic of Savannah's poetry?

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