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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter Two flashes back to the 1970s when Tom is a _____________.
(a) Shrimp boat captain off the coast of Florida.
(b) Football coach and teacher.
(c) Advocate and demonstrator for civil rights.
(d) ROTC cadet.

2. What does Lila do after finding Savannah's journal?
(a) She confides in Tom about its contents.
(b) She asks Luke to dispose of it.
(c) She burns it.
(d) She writes it in the sand.

3. What happens as Tom tries to explain the game of football to Dr. Lowenstein?
(a) She refuses to understand it.
(b) She understands and appreciates the game.
(c) She is outraged that Tom would even speak to her about sports.
(d) She agrees to attend Bernard's games in the fall.

4. Where does the narrative of Chapter Four take place?
(a) In New York City as Savannah prepares for another performance.
(b) On the island as Lila lays in labor.
(c) In Germany where Henry's plane has been shot down.
(d) In Europe where Henry is a pilot stationed in Europe.

5. Why does Isabel Newbury leave Tom and his mother standing on the porch?
(a) Standing on the porch is part of Tom's punishment.
(b) Todd's father will erupt if he sees Tom.
(c) Isabel refuses to answer the door.
(d) Todd doesn't want to speak to Tom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom leave in the Newbury house while they are out of town?

2. Why is Dr. Lowenstein's son alienated from his father?

3. Which of the following types of imagery dominates the Prologue?

4. Tom's mother often made up stories about _____________.

5. What transformation occurs in Henry when he is on his shrimping boat?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tom admit to hating both men and women equally?

2. How does Tom turn the tables on Bernard?

3. What is the significance of the game Tom plays with his daughters?

4. What does the robbery that Luke witnesses in New York show us about the city?

5. How would you describe Lila Wingo?

6. How does Dr. Lowenstein perceive Lila in Chapter Six?

7. How does Lila feel about Henry's profession as a shrimper?

8. What is curious about Tolitha and Amos having Henry for a son?

9. Why does Tom feel the fallow deer are out of place in the Central Park Zoo?

10. What does the story of Lila's quest to win the Colleton League cookbook contest reveal about her character?

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