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Melrose Island

This place is the embodiment of unspoiled nature.


This small shrimping town is a figure of the vanishing South along with its historic attitudes.

The Miss Lila

This object is the tangible evidence of Henry's love for his wife.


This animal symbolizes all the hopes and aspirations of the Colleton people.

Caesar's Cage

This object represents the captivity felt in one way or another by all of the family.

The Cross

This object is a symbol of both Amos' religiosity and the burden he carries in trying to save the souls of his fellow man.


This forbidden place represents all of the threatening dangers that confront the Wingo children.

Black Widow Spiders

These objects belong to Papa John and are comparable to Lila, who is both dangerous and beautiful.

Sport Jackets

These objects are a source of pride to Tom and Luke and...

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