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Essay Topic 1

Animals and nature have a special significance and meaning in the novel. Choose one of the following animals and discuss its significance throughout the novel. Be sure to discuss any possible symbolism or figurative meaning this animal might hold in the text; i.e. its representation of a larger idea or its relevance to one or more of the characters.

A.) Caesar, the tiger.

B.) Papa John's Black widow spiders.

C.) Snow, the albino porpoise.

Essay Topic 2

In the Epilogue of the novel, Tom is seen to repeat the name "Lowenstein." Similarly, Savannah was heard to repeat words and phrases during her time of extreme mental suffering. Do you think Tom Wingo has found the happiness and fulfillment that he seemed to be lacking in the opening of the novel? Or has he merely sacrificed his own peace and joy for the sake of family?


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