The Prince of Tides Character Descriptions

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Tom Wingo - The narrator of the story, this character's depression and mental instability leads to the retelling of childhood events.

Luke Wingo - This character is a strong force that once held the Wingo family together and finally led to its utter destruction.

Savannah Wingo - This character is an escapist who despises the South and dreams of living in the city one day.

Lila Wingo - This character is totally self-centered and manipulative, whose denial of unpleasant events devastates the Wingo family.

Henry Wingo - This character's physical violence affects the Wingos more than is actually stated.

Tolitha Wingo - This character is the free spirit of the novel who offers some protection for the Wingo children.

Amos Wingo - This character is a religious fanatic who talks to Jesus and leads a life of rigid spirituality.

Sallie Wingo - Growing up in the backwoods...

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