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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following the fencing match in Chapter 8, who has an archery match against Trumpkin?
(a) Peter.
(b) Susan.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Edmund.

2. In Chapter 7, where do the Narnians decide to go with Miraz following after them?
(a) They surround Miraz's castle.
(b) Aslan's How.
(c) They decide to stay at Dancing Lawn.
(d) Cair Paravel.

3. As the Pevensies and Trumpkin continue their journey in Chapter 9, what does Trumpkin shoot with an arrow?
(a) A Telmarine solider.
(b) A snake.
(c) A bird.
(d) A bear.

4. In Chapter 8, what popular book does Lucy compare their summoning to Narnia to?
(a) Alice in Wonderland.
(b) Treasure Island.
(c) Gulliver's Travels.
(d) The Arabian Nights.

5. What does Aslan tell Lucy he wants her to do in their night time conversation in Chapter 10?
(a) Return to sleep and get well rested for the next day's journey, but wake up early to begin the journey the following day.
(b) Wake the others and bring them to follow him.
(c) Wake the others and explain that she is leaving with Aslan.
(d) Bring the others to meet him one at a time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Trumpkin uncomfortable from riding in the boat with the Pevensies on their journey to Caspian?

2. In Chapter 12, which of Caspian's original party is still hopeful help from the horn will come?

3. Who challenges Trumpkin to a fencing match in Chapter 8?

4. As Lucy gets up and goes for a walk away from the others in Chapter 9, what is the first sound she hears?

5. When everything goes dark in the tussle of Chapter 12, who does Edmund think he has captured?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 11, after Aslan gives a mighty roar what happens?

2. Describe the terrain the Pevensies and Trumpkin travel over near the gorge of the Rush in Chapter 10?

3. As Edmund and Peter travel into the mound, what is thought provoking about the carvings on the walls?

4. What are the first words Aslan speaks to Edmund?

5. Why is Edmund an adept fencer when he faces Trumpkin in Chapter 8?

6. As Caspian awaits the council at Dancing Lawn in Chapter 7, how is his daily life different from what he is accustomed to at Miraz's castle?

7. When Lucy goes on her solitary walk in the woods in Chapter 9; how does she describe her surroundings?

8. What are some of the reasons that Trumpkin disbelieves Lucy's sighting of Aslan in Chapter 9?

9. Why does Susan hesitate to kill the bear approaching them in Chapter 9?

10. What possible explanation does Trumpkin give for Peter's lack of recognition of the landscape on their journey in Chapter 9?

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